The Viliv I’m buying – the X70

Viliv X70 UMPC

Viliv X70 UMPC

This is the model I’m buying from the launch:

X70/32ssd/Premium-3G (Intel Atom Z520 1.3GHz , 1GB Ram, 32GB Solid State HD, GPS, Windows XP Home, Built in HSPA modem).

If I can work out how to tether my iPhone I may drop the 3G but at this stage I’m going to need to get another Sim card to use for the unit. I intend to have all my content on a 32GB SD card so the size of the SSD isn’t a concern.


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  1. Robert Anson on

    Great site. Very informative. Enjoy it very much. Have decided to buy a Viliv X70 (the same one you will be buying). I downloaded two manuals for the S5, but can’t seem to find my way back to download the X70 manuals (Knowing Korean would be helpful, but I don’t). Do you know the full address of the site where the manuals are located? If so, I would greatly appreciate this information so I can download the X70 manual and read it. Thanks in advance.

    Keep up the good work.

    Bob Anson

    • vilivx70 on

      The Viliv S5 manulas and driver downloads are all on the English Viliv site (Link:. Link to siteI don’t think the english X70 section is up yet (nor the Korean for that matter).

  2. ultrarecall on

    it’s been discusses few times very shortly, but I haven’t seen it on video: how does inking work on this? I know that it’s probably very bad because of vectoring, but how bad? worse than on samsung q1, or smoother, … ?

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi ultrarecall,
      I’m currently running a non Tablet edition of XP on the S5..I’ve installed EverNote and One Note as well to give inking a go.

      Currently, not a great experience as it suffers from vectoring almost as badly as the Q1 Ultra. Also, I don’t find inking on the S5 a productive form of input due to the limits of the 4.8″ screen. You can at most scribble random thoughts but vectoring soon sets in and the experience becomes somewhat frustrating.

      When I ink on the road especially , I always carry my trusty A4 sized HP Tecra TC1100. Love it to bits for inking as it has an active digitizer screen so impervious to vectoring. Only letdown there is the battery life of 3 hours so I carry 2 batteries..pretty heavy unfortunately!

      D’s probably have lots of experience with inking and the Q1 Ultra..he’s about to get the X70 and will be in a great position to review inking and compare that against his previous experiences with the Q1 Ultra.

      For those interested in an inking review, check out

      I’ll post some pictuers of an inking attempt on the S5 soon…apologies in advance as my handwriting looks horrendous! πŸ™‚

      Cheers, J.

      • ultrarecall on

        seems that i will need to stick to my ibm x61 tablet for some time, i wanted to get x70 cause it would be so nice to have on train and be able to write my notes as i read articles 😦

        • vilivx70 on

          Having used active and passive screens for ages I feel able to comment from experience. The Q1U came in for criticism for vectoring and while I did see it occassionally I think my way of writing (no plam on screen, keeping the pen the sole point of contact maybe) doesn’t really cause a lot of vectoring. I was able to ink in Onenote quite happily on the Q1 and the HTC shift. Of course other UMPC’s like the P100 have awesome palm rejection so you can be lazy about your hand placement but I’m hoping the X70 will at least be useable for inking.

          • ultrarecall on

            yes, this is exactly my question. is the inking on X70 “at least usable”? Several video reviews of X70 around, but I haven’t found an answer to that.

            • jamesfongster on

              Yep, I’ll be pretty excited if the X70 provides a useable inking the point of giving up the S5 for a X70!

              From JK’s experience (read the forum thread below for his thoughts) , neither it seems will provide a good inking experience.

              Once D get his hands on a X70, he’ll be able to give us his inking lowdown.

            • jamesfongster on

              BTW ultrarecall, I tried inking on a moving train with the S5 ..a very forgettable experience! Small screen, heavy vectoring and moving train = unuseable chaos! πŸ™‚ Your x61 will definitely be a much better experience, albeit the weight and bulk.

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