The Shift is gone, long live the Shift….concept

HTC Shift

HTC Shift

Today I sold the HTC Shift in preparation for getting the X70.

The HTC Shift is a fantastic concept badly executed. For those that don’t know the machine it’s a slate tablet style UMPC with a slide out keyboard that you can use flat or tilt it to become like a small laptop with keyboard. The big selling point of the shift though was the fact that it had two processors and two operating systems.

A full version of Vista Business with a decent hard drive and all the bells and whistles (Wifi, 3G, BT etc) at the flick of a switch became a Windows mobile device. With huge battery life and amazing standby times. The only problem is that the Windows mobile side is a stripped down thing called Snapvue. You can unlock the full Windows Mobile pretty easily though but because of the way the thing is built you can’t access Wifi, Bluetooth or GPS or the SD card slot in Windows mobile mode. Stupid! Here’s why I think the X70 can deliver what the Shift promised…

I’ve read somewhere that some other company has a patent for a dual processor computer and that’s why HTC couldn’t make it afully functioning unit but come on. Pay alicense fee or something because you’ve crippled the machine.

The smaller, older HTC Advantage was Windows mobile only but I’d argue a much more effective mobile PC. You could access the SSD in the Advantage, mini SD card, GPS, wifi, bluetooth, USB drives inc hard drives, everything. And still have 3 days of battery life or 100’s of hours of standby. The Shift on the other hand: to access wifi on the Win Mobile side you have to have Vista running in the background which means you get 1.5 hours battery life. Useless.

Surprisingly the unit runs Vista better than more powerful UMPC’s and that’s a credit to HTC but the battery life is useless and in my usage I found I didn’t even bother with Windows Mobile because you had to have Vista running to access anything anyway so why not just use Vista. But you have to stay pretty close to a power outloet.

So the Shift promised so much and delivered on half of it. Nice try but fail. The X70 on the other hand while not having something like Windows mobile delivers on all the thing Win Mo is good at: fast resume and startup, long battery life and awesome standby times, GPS, Bluetooth, fast SSD storage, SD card slot and more, at about the same weight with the same screen size.

It’s a no brainer.


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