S5 – Leather case review and is it really pocketable?

So here’s basically what came out of the box..the s5 unit with a standard battery, the battery charger, a good quality leather case.

I immediately appreciated the compact size of the power adapter..a blessing to road warriors who absolutely hate lugging around heavy power bricks!s5-2

I was also impressed with the Viliv leather case (check out picture I took –>). It fitted the S5 securely and snugly; the black leather and red trimmings work very well and it didn’t act much bulk to the S5.

The red suede interior also housed a stylus – the tiny, telescopic ones you get with your PDAs which I don’t find very useful.

s5-1 The casing also folds backwards into a stand for the S5 – thoughtful and necessary design. This is particular useful when you’re using this in a laptop mode with a USB or Bluetooth keyboard that doesn’t provide you with a stand to prop up the S5.

So most of you are wondering… is the S5 actually pocktable with the the Viliv leather casing on?

Well, I’m glad to report that the answer is a resounding yeahhhhh…:)

The Viliv S5 fits very snugly into a normal jacket pocket. s5-3It doesn’t stick out at all (I had to pull this out to show you that the S5 is really in the pocket!).

That’s one of my main requirements when I was looking at the S5..that it has to be truly pocketable, similar to the OQO 01+ and OQO 02 which I used to own. Mission accomplished!


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  1. amf on

    The leather case’s 2 bottom tabs need some customizing as it covers the 2 vent holes and makes the S5 a little bit hot for comfort.

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi yep agreed! I tend to use my s5 without the case most of the time and use it more like a storage case when in the bag.

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi there,
      ok, we will endeavour to find out more information on a SSD upgrade for the s5.

      This is on my future list of things to do as well once the viliv’s warranty runs out.

      If anyone has already done this research or actually done this upgrade, let us know..love to hear from you.

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