Stylus choices

Just picking up on Something J said: the stylus’ that usually come with touchscreen PC’s are at best just usable and at worst downright painful. The Lg P100’s is probably the best I’ve used as it’s extendable and has a round almost pen-like end on it. The Shift’s was very difficult to use for any period of time.

Cross Tech3 pen and stylus

Cross Tech3 pen and stylus

A great alternative is to buy a multi-function pen that acts as a stylus also.

I’ve read about other stylus pen options but after trying many I settled on the Cross Tech3. I hadn’t considered it because it mentions that it comes with a black  ballpoint pen, pencil and red ballpoint, but I discovered that they will swap out any of those for a stylus. It also has an eraser under the cap.

So I bought myself a satin black one with ballpoint, pencil and stylus. It’s been a constant through half a dozen UMPC’s and tablets and is one of the best tech things I’ve ever bought.

The ballpoint pen is superb for writing and the whole thing is beautifully weighted so writing on paper or screen is a pleasure. It’s stylish enough for the boardroom too. When I was travelling with only the Advantage for a road trip of presentations I was using an old PDA stylus that you could twist the cap of to reveal a ballpoint and a number of people during the trip offered to get me a real pen instead of “that stupid little thing”. hey thought I had lost my pen and then thought I had lost my mind when I said it was by choice. After that experiment though I decided I wouldn’t ever use just the little stylii again though – too hard on the hand.


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