On the road with nothing but a HTC Advantage

Using the HTC Advantage as a presenter

Using the HTC Advantage - believe it or not that little box on the table at left is my only computer

Dug up this picture from a few months ago but thought it was worth sharing. I tried an experiment when I had to travel to three cities to give a presentation and conduct some training. I chose to travel with nothing but the HTC Advantage. It was almost good enough to make it too.

The presentations went smoothly. Apart from alittle fuzziness which turned out to be becauseof aclear type setting issue and the fact I had to keep moving the mouse to stop the display going to sleep (again my settings), after the first buggy one the rest were easy. I had the four in one cable which allowed me to use a thumb drive for the presentation and vga out for the projector. I worked in Onenote mobile on the plane while listening to music and a pod cast, sweet and then in the club lounge I used the free wifi to cathc up on RSS feeds and do some online banking.

But on day two I was offered access to a desktop for some email and other tasks and I took it! Without too much analysis it was probably because of the screen size and the keyboard. I found it a bit quicker (or easier as I’m lazy) to use the Advantage’s keyboard instead of cracking out the stowaway and that was dis-advantageuos as it was painful for long emails. And the bigger screen of the desktop was attractive. Both of these issues I hope to overcome with the Viliv X70.

The X70 is going to give me a bigger screen, inking capability and either the onscreen keyboard or for longer stuff the stowaway will come out as there’s no other option. Here’s hoping.


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