Mobility It’s raining Keyboards…


I nearly freaked out when I discovered just a moment back just how many mobility keyboards I’ve amassed on my gadget odyssey..

There’s the Think Outside USB TriFold USB Keyboard, a Samsung compact USB K/B Serial AA-SK0TKBD/C, followed by a Freedom BT, a Think Outside BT and a Dell BT.

If I am to pick a favourite, it’ll be the Samsung – it has decently sized keys and an inbuilt trackpoint.

For true compactness and usage , the Freedom as the rest of the BT K/B does not have a dedicated set of keys for numbers, instead an additional Fn key. Being a fussy keyboarder, that didn’t sit well with me.

But my Freedom keyboard doesn’t seem to wanna connect anymore, so for portability, I’ve opted for the Stowaway BT as my current road warrioring keyboard.

Here’s a “Transformers” pose…all the Decepticons opened!



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  1. baap on

    I like the fact you are a fussy keyboarder 🙂

    Could you possibly mention costs of all the hardware you mention here – would help alot!

    /\ \/

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi baap,
      I’ll get back to you on costs…need to convert from AUD to USD ..will reply soon with what my road warrior pack costed me.

  2. Herman on

    Great blog..Great format..Will be monitoring it daily..Looking forward to the Viliv S7 Netbook..Keep up the good work VilivBoys..

    • jamesfongster on

      Thanks Herman for the support…we’ll try to update our blogs as often as we can on daily basis ..if we at times seem not as quick to post or respond to comments, that’s not because we’re lazy but rather we both have our day jobs and family..:)

      We are *passionate* about our blog as you can see from our postings..keep those comments coming!

      Cheers, J.

  3. vilivx70 on

    I use the Thinkoutside Stowaway BT keyboard all the time and have used it on everything from the Nokia phones to the Q1U and Shift. IT’s awesome and works so simply with everything I’ve needed to pair it to. It was hard to track down as I believe it was discontinued but I think amazon have them. Cost $60 from memory.

  4. My Ideal Mobile Device(s) | on

    […] The hardware keyboard is another issue. It adds weight, and more important, bulk. And on smaller devices, the keyboard is too small to be useful. This is a problem on my 8.9” Fujitsu P1620. So my preference is a slate, like the Viliv X70. Onscreen keyboards are very useable; see On-screen Keyboard UBoard Still Rocks. When I really need a hardware keyboard, I can use one of my several foldable and very portable Bluetooth keyboards; see Mobility It’s raining Keyboards. […]

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi Genghis,
      Ah, the P1620…bring back good memories as I had the P1510D some years back and absolutely love it. I moved away from it I wanted a slate instead of a convertible – that’s when I ended up with the HP Tecra TC1100 but also wanted something pocketable at the same time..hence my journey onto pocketable UMPCs..starting with the Sony Vaio U71P which was probably one of the first real slate UMPCs back then. That’s when I started using the uBoard..

      For the S5, I tried the uBoard but found that the Zero Weight keyboard suited the me and my S5 much better for thumb typing. Give that a go and let me know what you think! 🙂 Google “Zero Weight Keyboard”..

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