Road Warrior mobility bits

Following on from D’s mobility set up post, here’s a quick peek at my daily road warrior mobility bits and pieces..


The breakdown:

Storage – 1x Transcend 320G SATA USB2.0 HDD, 1x 8G SanDisk MicroSDHC in a minature USB adapter

Keyboard – 1x Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard

Audio – 1x BlueAnt X5 bluetooth stereo headset,, 1x Sony Ericsson HBH bluetooth headset (for Skype usage)

Mouse – 1x Bluetooth e-Blue Zugriff bluetooth mouse

Adapter – 1x USB SD, MMC adapter (I have a Sandisk 16G SD card that I used frequent – not shown in pic)

Wireless Broadband – I’m with Optus and displayed is their HuaWei USB wireless HSDPA adapter.

Work – Remote access token

DSC_0111External speaker – ie, that Hamburger shaped thingy rocks!! Great sound from a tiny device..a gift from a mate. Mind you, the in-built stereo speaker on the S5 rocks as well…more on that later.

The Viliv is like most of my other UMPCs and only has 1x USB2.0 port available, so the bluetooth devices in my bag of accessories certainly come in handy else I’ll have to throw in a mini USB hub and heaps of USB cables.

The S5 pairs up and connects to all my bluetooth devices very nicely, thanks to the BlueSoleil BT Management software. The 1x USB port is then freed up for the Optus Huawei HSDPA adapter and lo and behold, I now have a productive mobile laptop setup.



3 comments so far

  1. baap on

    could you tell me the name of those speakers?

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi baap,
      arrrrr..I wish I could but hamburger speakers are a gift from a mate. I’ll go hassle him to see if he knows the name though…I’ll try my best! 🙂

      Cheers, J.

  2. fargox on

    divoom itour is also an interesting little speaker. maybe a replacement for someone who can’t find those hamburger speakers.

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