Where I am mobility wise, and where I’m going

I’ve had more UMPC’s and subnotebooks than hot dinners, some great, some ordinary. My current set up though is:

  • LG P100 – powerful 1.3kg Convertible tablet
  • HTC Shift – 1kg slate style PC with slide out keyboard
  • iPhone 3G

The LG is powerful enough to use as a desktop replacement but has shocking battery life so I need to carry it with the extended battery all the time which pushes it to about 1.6kg’s. Also the widescreen 10.6 inches makes it quite large. That’s way not portable enough for me so I really only use it as my desktop replacement, hence the HTC Shift for mobility.

My new mobile setup will consist of:

  • Viliv X70 EX SSD with 32GB SDHC card (coming soon)
  • Thinkoutside Stowaway bluetooth keyboard
  • Stowaway mouse
  • Mini USB hub
  • iPhone

With this setup I should be able to handle anything work or play throws at me. I will need to buy the optional VGA cable as I need to hookup to a projector or external monitor reasonably frequently, but apart from that it’s an out of the box mobile office. I like to carry as few items as possible so if the iPhone 3G tethering works out I won’t have to get the 3G model Viliv (although I might anyway just to future proof).

I’ve travelled with nothing but a Nokia N95 and been able to answer work emails and do a very small amount of web browsing. I’ve also travelled with just a HTC Advantage as my UMPC and while better than the N95 (I was able to do some work in Onenote as well as present with powerpoint) it still wasn’t quite enough for me as a UMPC. The Viliv X70 should have the battery life, the screen size, the power and flexibility to cover all my wants and needs.


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