Firefox extensions for touchscreens

Although the Viliv S5 comes with its own fast web browser, I’m a avid Mozilla Firefox user thanks to its great set of adds-ons and extensions.

A must firefox extension have for the S5 (or any touchscreen umpcs) is the Linja Zax extension. This works really well with the finger friendly touchscreen of the S5.


It gives you the ability to zoom in (circular motion clockwise with your thumb/finger/stylus) and zoom out (circular motion anti clockwise with your thumb/finger/stylus), with double tapping restoring to the first zoom level.

There’s a preference setting to fine tune the zoom and rotate feature.

If it may get in the way of you doing certain things, you can easily disable and reenable it.

I’ve been playing around with this feature and it’s pretty useful esp when you need to zoom in and make the text bigger (the page aligns properly accordingly).  It kind of reminds me of iPhone Safari experience.

ScreenShot1002Another must have is the Firefox grab and drag ( This enables scrolling using  your finger..very nice! I really like this add-on as it allows me to scroll through firefox using my fingers in a similar manner to scrolling through Safari on the iPhone.


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  1. Allex on

    Hello from one of the first S5 owners in Russia 🙂

    If your Firefox’s menu/toolbars are taking too much screen space, use Full Screen extension:

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi Allex,
      Привет, как дела? Пожалуйста, встретиться с Вами и надеемся, что Вам поможет распространить слово нашего форума российских S5 владельцам!

      Thanks for your tip I’ll try it out. Many thanks!
      Cheers, J.
      (Russian translation courtesy of Google Translate..:)

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi Allex,
      I gave the Fullscreen extensio a really well! It does give a S5 user maximum use of the screen and it’s so easy to get out of fullscreen.

      Thanks for the tip!

  2. jack on

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    they are sharing a nice set of addons.

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