S5 – no in-built microphone present

One of the gripes I have with the S5 is the lack of an in-built microphone. I’m a skype person and portable devices like the S5 is perfect for audio only skyping, esp since the S5 has great stereo speakers for such a small device.

The only recourse is a USB headset or microphone or a BT headset (what I’m using) – acceptable but I like to freedom of not having these accessories.


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  1. Darin on

    I’ve seen other sites post that the 3.5″ headset jack is a TRRS jack, opposed to a TRS jack, and is capable to receive microphone input.

    TRS = Tip, Ring, Sleeve
    TRRS = Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve (You’ll see three black/coloured rings on the connector, as opposed to 2 rings for speakers)

    The second ring connection is available for a microphone connection on the headset. I’m told that the iPhone supports this same thing, so an iPhone capable headset should work for you here.

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi Darin,
      I did do the usual googling some time back and came across probably the same sites/forums that the TRRS (3 black/colored rings) on the iPhone would do the trick. There’s also a Youtube proving it works as well.

      I have 2 pairs of original iPhone 3G headphones whic is TRRS but both didn’t work.

      Are S5 owners out there with success stories using an iPhone 3 ringed headset ? Great to hear from you!

      Cheers, J.

    • auzas on

      The iPhone headset works as mic/headphones, when plugged in Viliv S5 (don’t forget to put MIC volume to the max).
      Details – http://forum.pocketables.net/showthread.php?t=3164

      • jamesfongster on

        Hi auzas,
        thanks for the comments. I did try with 2 different iPhone headsets (I have 2x iPhone 3Gs) and followed all available guides on the ‘net but no success. I’ll post some screenshots on my attempts soon.

        Cheers, J.

        • auzas on

          Strange, I just took the iPhone (from the “old” one, not 3GS) headset
          – pluged in
          – checked it as Microphone in Realtek Sound Manager
          – put the Mic Volume to the max in Volume manager
          – the microphoe is not very sensitive, you have to keep it close to the mouth, but it works.

          • jamesfongster on

            Thanks auzas, let me give it another go now and I’ll let you know! šŸ™‚

            • jamesfongster on

              Hi auzas,
              it worked!
              I just discovered the iPhone headset I was using all along had a faulty microphone (just tested on my iPhone)..I assume that the S5 wasn’t working in the past..mistake!

              Onto another post!

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