S5 – Review Part 1 Unboxing and First Impressions

Time for part 1 of an indepth review of the S5.

First impressions last so let’s start with the Viliv S5 packaging and the unboxing of the S5.


One thing that struck me when I first got my hands on the Viliv S5 box was the box itself. It is apparent that target market is primarily aimed at the Gen Y (and now Z) population with a very youthful and attractive campaign and an affordable price tag to match.

Admittably, I, a Gen X-er was a little embarrassed when I had to carry the Viliv box from a mate’s car to the office building…I did get some stares! đŸ™‚

It is especially apparent when you compare this against the boxings of umpcs targetted at the corporate market, for eg, the OQO 01,02+, any Sony Vaio UMPC and the Fujitsus. All of these boxings are very slick and oozes opulence, equating to a more hefty price tag (these devices costed me at least 2-3 times more than the S5)

The contents of the box were:

– the S5 unit and standard battery


-Lanyard with leave like stylus



On top of that I bought

-leather case

-vehicle pack (might as well since it had a in-built GPS)

-Car mount

-cigarette adapter

The internal packaging well organised.

Moving on to the S5 unit itself..


I was expecting the S5 to look and feel “cheap and cheerful” for a under USD$600 device. I remembered the first impression of some umpcs I bought that were in the similar price range such as the Wibrain and the Raon Everun and these look and felt a bit flimsy and plasticky.

Glad to say I was dead wrong – It feel well balanced and solid, the same experience when I held the much more pricey devices such as OQO 02, the Vulcan Flipstart. It had a matt black body and all the buttons gave a nice reassuring “quality” click and no loose or wobbly buttons/switches.


The front of the S5 is a gleaming new 4.8″ inch touchscreen that is prone to fingerprint smudges so be sure you have some cleaning cloth handy to wipe up those oily finger smudges!

DSC_0128There’s a mini navigation joystick on the top left hand side of the screen.

Personally, I would prefer this to be on the right side (OQO, Sony Vaio UX17GP, Everun etc..) instead; The Samsung Q1 Ultra is the same and I’m just too used to using my right thumb to operate rather than my left thumb! The joy stick can be toggled to act as a 8-way mouse or a scroller. I gave up on using it as a mouse as it wasn’t very responsive…using your finger to navigate is a much better experience.

Check it out – there’s even an infrared receiver up front!

Below the joystick is the Menu button..bring up the Windows Start Menu. Depressing it for 3 secs toggles joystick from mouse to scroller and vice versa.


There are 3 buttons to on the right hand side of the screen.

– top OK button; 1 click to select items, hold for 2 secs and it turns LCD on/off.

– middle right-click button;

– bottom Shortcut button; set to launch on-screen keyboard by default. Can redefine to launch other programs.

Of the 3 buttons, I find myself only using the Shortcut button (by default, this launches the onscreen keyboard ) as I tend to use my finger to perform a mouse click or a right click.

On the right corner of the S5, there’s the On/Off/Lock switch


Over to the left side, prying off the dust cover reveals the connector ports. Three in total, 1x USB2.0, 1x mini USB and the proprietory I/O port (allows you to use optional VGA out and TV out cables).


Straightaway, I see ergonomic challenges with using the S5 as a handheld device in the default landscape mode but needing to use the USB2.0 port for say a HSDPA USB adapter or a USB Flash drive. As the USB2.0 sticks out at the bottom left corner, it conflicts with me gripping it with both hands.

A resolution I can think of is to rotate the screen to portrait mode so that the USB2.0 port sticks upwards.


Another thing – with the I/O connector on the S5’s left side (not bottom) and behind a dust cover, I don’t think there’ll be a docking station for the S5?

DSC_0131On the top, you’ll find the Volume Up/Down button and pressing the middle will mute the volume. A 3.5″ headphone jack is also available.

On the bottom of the S5, 2 additional air vents. If you do happen to use the S5 with the viliv leather case, the plastic holders of the casing covers both bottom air vents, obstructing air flow and can lead to the device heating up. I tend to use the S5 without the case most of the time.

So that wraps up my first contact of the S5. Next review: Booting up the S5 and looking at applications!


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