Firefox Fullscreen extension

As the S5 has a teenie 4.8″screen, every little bit of viewing space helps.  Being able to enter and exit fullscreen mode with a tap on the screen is pretty important to me.

Allex, our first Russian S5 reader has pointed me to another great firefox extension.

This allows you to go fullscreen on the firefox browser and this works hand in glove with the other touchscreen extensions.


I just installed the extension and tried it very well.


There’s a button that you can click on to go fullscreen.


To get out of full screen, simply tap anywhere at the upper most top edge of the screen (if you look carefully, there’s a very thin grey bar across the top of the screen…) too easy!

Thanks again Allex for the contribution, much appreciated!


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  1. LeeN on

    I guess what this does, is it replaces having to press F11 with a button on toolbar, since pressing F11 is not as convenient.

    I’d recommend using the Tiny Menu add-on. It puts the menu bar into a button on the toolbar. I find I rarely use the menus but they take up so much space and this is a good way to reduce that space. This way you end up with 2 bars (toolbar, tab bar), instead of 3 with the menu bar.

    Also from my experience with Tablet PCs, I’ve moved the reload, stop, back and forward buttons on the right hand side of the toolbar. The reason I do this is, that I noticed that I had to reach to the farthest side of the screen in order to press those buttons, and it makes sense to have them closer to my right hand.

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi LeeN,
      thanks for your comments. I’ll try out your Tiny Menu addons and post my S5 Firefox customisation. Let’s see if together with precious feedback and other readers, we can build a “dream” firefox experience optmised for tiny touchscreen tabletpcs..:)

      Cheers, J.

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