Road Warrior experiences – RSS reader

I enjoy reading my rssfeeds on the move, esp when travelling on public transport to work, downtime between shopping or taking a trip somewhere.

One of the reasons why I bought the S5 is because I like a pocketable device with a bigger screen than smartphones, ie, iPhone 3G.

As I don’t always carry my HSDPA adapter with me or nor am I always in a free Wifi area, I’m not always internet connected and thus need a rss reader that allows me to download all my rss contents at home and have these available for reading offline.

I have tried numerous freebies but most of them store text but not the pictures. I then came across Quarta mDigger reader ( which allowed me to do just that.

It reminds me alot of my favourite Windows Mobile App, Avantgo (now Avantgone!) – similiarly, mDigger also requires you to register as a user.

Once done, I logged onto their website,

Firstly, I downloaded and installed the mDigger application onto the S5. (

I then selected from the catalog and subscribe to a good selection of mDigger channels…


or put in my own favourite rss feeds.


I then launched the mDigger application install on the S5 and synchronised all my favourite channels and rssfeeds.

To test, I switched off wireless and check that the contents of each channel, text and pictures, are visble in the right hand pane. See below picture.

The reading experience using mDigger on the S5 on the move is great – it’s easy to setup and the S5’s navigation joystick is very useful for scrolling up and down the page. I’m able to read my news and rss feeds offline until I get online again.



4 comments so far

  1. baap on

    Useful – thanks !

    • jamesfongster on

      No probs baap!

  2. Brtt on

    Is there any import feature (from Google Reader, for instance) ?

    • jamesfongster on

      from what I know of mDigger having used it for a couple of weeks, it doesn’t give you an import feature yet.

      This other website has came to the same conclusion..

      “One thing that mDigger does not do, however, is allow import and export of OPML files so you can take your whole feed list with you to a desktop reader or import your list from another app… and that kinda sucks. Consequently, my mobile feeds and desktop feeds get out of sync from time to time. Hopefully that functionality will be added and would make mDigger much more valuable.”

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