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X70 delayed

Received an email from Dynamism at 3.59am this morning:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your recent order of the Viliv X70.  We had hoped to be emailing you with the tracking number, but unfortunately that is not the case.  Our shipment has been delayed by the factory.  For the record, the delay is due to a components shortage: the recession has been less severe than suppliers expected, and MIDs have been especially popular this year. These factors have led to constraints on some components.  We are sorry about this delay.

We know this delay is an inconvenience and we apologize. It is frustrating for us as well when something which is out of our hands comes up, after we work very hard to create a great customer experience. Please know that we are doing everything within in our power to push for fastest possible shipment. We estimate the delay on our first shipment to be about two weeks (August 11th), although we are hoping for less.

Although any order can be canceled for a full refund prior to shipment, we hope that you will bear with us as we do everything within our power to minimize this delay.  Nobody should have to wait, but if any device/ deal is worth the wait, this is it. This is a uniquely cool device and a really fantastic package. You may have heard it many times already, but we hope you have not become inured to the value of this device with its great spec and low price point–especially with all those free accessories/upgrades.

We will send another update within the next week, but please let us know if you need anything else in the meantime.

Thank you,

Dynamism Sales


One day to go and we all take delivery…

…of our Dynamism pre-ordered Viliv X70’s. I’m content in the fact I was the first person on earth to order one (hopefully will be the first one dispatched).

Once the machines are out there in the world being used by real people (no offence but professional reviewers and bloggers don’t count), we’ll hopefully see lots more real usage reviews. I for one will from day one be using it for everything both in the office and on the road.

UPDATE: Just adding to some comments: I have received no communication of any type from Dynamism talking about a delay, maybe it only applies to the 128GB SSD version. It would be pretty ordinary to wait until the very day of shipping to send an email saying it’s delayed so I’m expecting it to ship as per the original date listed.

Missing a webcam on the Viliv S5 – solved!

There’s beena bit of criticism of the S5 for not having a webcam (lots from J!). It’s valid given that a webcam doesn’t need to add alot of bulk or cost to a unit. I mean cameras in phones are tiny and even in the HTC Advantage it’s tiny.

Problem solved: get one of these:

Webcam alternative for the S5

Webcam alternative for the S5

S5’s Cube UI – my thoughts

Most of you may have heard about the S5’s Cube UI interface.  I must admit I was excited with the addition of this interface before I got the S5.

When I started using the CubeUI, it was fun..this UI kinda reminded me of a smartphone UI and spinning th cube around to access your apps..but after a day or two, the novelty wore off and I switched it off and went back to the XP desktop.

End of the day, it’s a personal taste whether the CubeUI will suit you. For me, the novelty is being able to run a XP desktop on a 4.8″ screen..:)

Lazy Sunday blogging..part 2

By the way, I chose the HTC Advantage over the S5 for the last blog for one simple reason..the S5 didn’t have an inbuilt camera so not effective at all for photo blogging.

That is one major feature lacking in the S5 for mobile blogging which prompted me to get the HTC Advantage..the x70 will address the camera issue but unfortunately not pocketable so for me not an ideal mobile blogging device for those unplanned photo blogging moments.

This blog is written using my iPhone as I needed to take a pic of the Advantage..:)