S5 – The “Borg” UI

The S5 comes up with unique touchscreen UI called the CubeUI. Sorry, I’m a Star Trek fan and thus nicknamed it the “Borg” UI after the Borg “Cubes” in the sci-fi series.

It’s very thumb friendly and presents you with a dashboard to launch programs, check your wifi and battery strength, turn haptic feedback on/off, battery life, volume (topbar, right).

System Standby and Exit keys to the left..:)

I was able to easily define 9 applications per category (5 defined categories on the right hand side of screen).

It’s quite fun to use..swiping your finger left to right, up to down and vice versa spins the cube around presents the different sides of the cube. Having haptic feedback increases the geek factor.

There is a calendar to the bottom left which I must say I don’t useful. If it launches into say Outlook or some sort of a calendaring program, that’ll be sweet.

In the beginning,I like this interface as it’s a novelty but after an hour, I disbabled it and went back to the “good ole days” of Windows XP. Yes, I’ma sucker for punishment..haha!

That being said, I still switch to “Borg” mode when I’m on the train as it’s much quicker and efficient to launch into your favourite progams using your thumb whilst being jostled around in a moving train full of passengers bumping into you.

I have a feeling that viliv will probably improve on this UI, adding newer and more useful UI functions in the not so distant future. I’ll watch this space.


2 comments so far

  1. Genghis Khent on

    If the CubeUI includes one particular Borg — 7 of 9 — I’m placing my order with Dynamism today! And pay extra for next day delivery.

    Seriously, jkOnTheRun came to s similar conclusion, disabling the CubeUI for usual usage.

    • jamesfongster on

      coincidentally, I’m watching all the Seasons of Star Trek Voyager back to back for the last few months..up to Season Six..just finished an episode 1/2 hr ago called Survival Instance with 7 of Nine meeting up with 2,3,4 of Nine..:)

      Regarding the CubeUI, I have a feeling that viliv will improve this in time to come.

      Ah, come to think of it, it’s high time I played around with Origami on a umpc again..stayed tuned for this upcoming post!

      No probs, we’ll be Twittering real soon..:)

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