Onenote iPhone app

I live and die with Onenote, so you can imagine my frustration when I switched to an iphone and found there was no Onenote mobile equivelant for the iphone :(.

So I switched back to evernote. I tried evernote a couple of years ago but found it lacking. The new version though is pretty awesome but doesn’t fully match the way I work (notebook style as opposed to one long roll of paper style) so I have found I use the evernote app on the iphone but then migrate notes from evernote to Onenote; crazy.

Well finally the iphone is getting Onenote. Registration to become a Beat tester has opened and if you do assist with Beta testing you will get a free version of the software once released (Beta in August).


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  1. lsbeller on

    So, are you using OneNote on your Viliv device?


    • jamesfongster on

      Hi Steve,
      I do use Onenote on my D, I’m also an avid OneNote user. Works pretty well – a larger screen will definitely benefit using this on the move. Using OneNote on the upcoming x70 will definitely be a good experience!

      • david on

        So James, have you had a chance to use OneNote on the x70? Does it work as well as you expected?

        • vilivx70 on

          Onenote on the X70 is running very well. The SSD makes for very fast application opening and the fact that the x70 returns form sleep very fast means that during onenote use (meetings etc) iot really usable. Other machines is was a nightmare letting them go to sleep as it tooks minutes to return but the Viliv is back in 5 seconds. The all day battery also makes for confident use as I know it won’t run out of battery half way through meetings. Inking is also pretty good and no trouble for diagrams

  2. lsbeller on

    James Kendrick has talked about how OneNote hand writing will not work well on windows XP. Besides the vectoring issue, do you have problems searching your ink or anything else?


    • vilivx70 on

      There’s quite a bit of info onthe web about how to add XP Tablet functionality to standard XP and I’ll certainly be adding these if the Onenote inking experience on the X70 isn’t great out of the box.

  3. kyith on

    I got to know this application and sort of did a review on it. For folks that uses OneNote alot and have the iPhone or iPod touch and would like to have it on the go and view it offline you can give this a try.

    Its subscription based but the iphone app is free

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