S5 and the HTC advantage

Finally got my hands on the HTC Advantage..here Is the first picture of it with the S5. As you can see, both are almost similar in size..both have 5 inch screens. The Advantage ‘s screen dimensions makes it a slightly better eBook reader when rotated in portrait mode..will post more pics, details and comparisons soon.


2 comments so far

  1. Genghis Khent on

    I’m curious about your findings on the relative advantages and disadvantages of the comparatively square (Advantage) vs rectangular (S5) screens in various usage scenarios. E-reading is one, but there are many more. I’ve seen this issue with other devices too. For example the Vaio P is very rectangular, my old Motion LS100 square, the upcoming Archos 9 in between. Maybe an idea for a future article?

  2. jamesfongster on

    Hi Genghis, will do, makes a good future article for sure!

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