Viliv X70 EX ordered…….twice….maybe…?

Order is in. Or is it? The Computer says yes. But it said yes before on the earlier order and I have zero idea whether it is actually. Not a great ordering experience with not a lot of communication from Dynamism. They may be busy but then again I got an email within 15 minutes of emailing on the S5 pre-order and I don’t feel this one is sellin as well as the S5.

So now it’s a wait and see. Actually a long wait as they don’t start shipping until 28 July anyway…sheesh.

Viliv order text

Viliv order text

EDIT: update, Dynamism contact made. My order is in! Viliv X70 on the way…..soon.


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  1. Genghis Khent on

    I replied to your “Viliv X70 EX pre-order, has it gone through?” I spoke to a person, but no email confirmation until later today. So for now just the rep’s say so, and the web page with an order #.

    • vilivx70 on

      Funny because I got an email within a minute or so both times. They’re honouring the first order placed 13 hours before the pre-order started, but I successfully got an order page and an email the second time too.

  2. Genghis Khent on

    I followed up and was told they had an internal snafu in sending out some confirmation emails. Consistent with my luck with women, I was one of the lucky some who didn’t receive confirmation emails. I was told they were going to go through the orders manually and send out confirmation emails to those who had not received one. Lo and behold, about an hour later I received a confirmation email!

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