Viliv X70 EX pre-order, has it gone through?

Well according to my clock it’s 1.45pm in the US. The problem is according to Dynamism’s phone message that’s not within business hours as the phone message said it was closed and to ring between 9am and 5pm?!

I have had no comms from Dyna guys so I have no way to tell whether the order has gone through or not: confusing.


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  1. Genghis Khent on

    Just spoke to a rep (option #2). He said they don’t have access to the orders yet because their server resources are being diverted to the orders. I don’t have email confirmation, but he said if I got a web page titled receipt with an order #, I should be fine. He said he’d email me later today when he does have access to the orders. We’ll see …

  2. Steve on

    I ordered today at 10:00:30secs (AM) (Arizona time)
    I got an email confirmation that I will get the free goodies, it was timed at 4:08 (PM)- about 6 hours(!) later.

    Your order has been received and is eligible for the free accessory package.”

    I went to the Dynamism site about ten minutes after you posted (last night for me) saying that they were selling – but I found it still closed.
    Good luck with your order. It would be a bummer if you missed out after all your hard work.

    • vilivx70 on

      I was completely in the right place at the right time when the Dynamism webmaster was testing something and hit the add to cart button and it went through :). They are honouring my “early” order so I’m all good to get one.

  3. DTrain on

    I got the exact same response after the same issue. The voicemail they left for me also sid that they expected the server to be back up by tomorrow.

    • DTrain on

      UPDATE: I got my email confirmation 6 hours 15 minutes later. Looks like I’m good to go. Now the waiting begins. 22 days and counting…..

  4. Genghis Khent on

    My email came at 4:10 pm, so Dynamism obviously likes Steve better, at least by 2 minutes 🙂

  5. Surfer944Turbo on

    I got my confirmation e-mail yesterday at 10:01am Pacific time (just 1 minute after my order!) using my Yahoo account, even though they said to use a work e-mail. Just called them and they said they’re still not sold out.

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