Memory expansion options for the X70 EX

The X70 has one huge advantage over the S5 and for me it’s the biggest reason I couldn’t live with the 5: an SD card slot.

I bought the 32GB X70 as the 64GB 128GB I thought was priced way too high. I’ll probably look into swapping in an aftermarket 64 or 128GB SSD later. But for now this is a great option to expand the usable memory:

32GB SD card.

The SD card will sit in the SD slot all the time and basically double my memory. Putting all my docs, videos and photos, etc on the SD card will save the hard drive for programs and the OS. And it’s solid state so should be as fast as the SSD for usage.

I currently use an SD plus (Ducati edition) which is an SD Card that folds in half to become a USB drive, which is awesome. That way to share or sync files I don’t need to use an SD card adpater (one more thing to carry) and all the other computer needs is a USB port. Problem is the SD plus is only up to 4GB. 😦

If only they made a Ducati edition 32GB SD card because the Ducati edition of anything (SD, Compact flash) goes like the clappers!


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  1. Genghis Khent on

    Interesting post (and blog). But I don’t think 64GB was a choice on the X70. If it were, I would have got it. I think the choice was 32GB vs. a large but very pricey 128GB.

  2. vilivx70 on

    Fixed! You were right, my bad. I was writing from memory and forgot it was indeed a 128GB SSD.

  3. Genghis Khent on

    “And it’s solid state so should be as fast as the SSD for usage.”

    Do you know if there is any data on this? Assuming the SDHC is the little brother of the SSD, wouldn’t another issue be the comparison of the SSD’s bus and the SD slot’s bus? Just curious, because if you’re right, it’s an interesting alternative.

  4. jamesfongster on

    Yeah, I wish the S5 had a SD slot as like D, I rely a on a SD card for storage.

    What really gets me is that the HTC Advantage has a miniSD slot..arrrgh! So much for reusing my 16G SD card..

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