Todo – S5 and Windows 7

Hi all,

apologies, been a bit quiet on the blogfront as I loaned my gadget mate of mine the S5 as he wanted to have a go at installing Windows 7 on it.  He couldn’t get certains things going so he’s resetting it back to the XP O/S and I’ll then have a go at it myself.  Let’s see how successful I am..:)

Once I get the S5 back tomorrow, I’ll be following the instructions found in the Pocketables’ form..

I report back on progress and screeshots soon.

BTW, if any readers out there like to share their S5 on Windows 7 experiences, drop a comment! 🙂

BTW, in the absence of the S5, I had the HTC Advantage in its place and will be sharing my thoughts on this as well.


3 comments so far

  1. Genghis Khent on

    Good luck! On my upcoming X70, I think I’ll wait until the official Windows 7 upgrade, to which I am upgrading my order for an additional $20. By the Win7 release date, Viliv will have (hopefully) updated drivers as necessary.

  2. amf on

    I have installed Win 7 RC in my S5 and it’s pretty straightforward. Best of all, it’s working great. It’s a keeper really.

  3. Genghis Khent on

    amf, any issues you encountered on which you can advise us? Or any other advice in terms of the installation process. I guess my concerns are (1) drivers and (2) not nuking the Viliv apps. Thanks!

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