HTC Advantage or the S5?

Well it is crunchtime for me again…eversince I got my hands on the HTC Advantage a couple of weeks back, I have been using it as my primary mobile internet device i instead of the S5. I guess what won me over is the form factor..the Advantage is a lot slimmer than the S5..and lots lighter. Although it runs WinMo6 instead of the S5 running the XP, I find that most of my mobile app needs can be fulfillled…eg Opera Mobile for web browsing, TCPMP for playing divx movies, Office Mobile for browsing my office documentatin, Mdigger for reading rssfeeds offline , TomTom 6 for GPS navigation. So now that I have the Advantage that suits my needs as a productive MID, I am seriously thinking of selling off the S5 and getting the x70 just like D.

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  1. Genghis Khent on

    Interesting. I’ve had the Advantage x7500 for a long time, and the S5 (and x70) on order. The WinMo OS has its limitations compared to XP or (soon) 7. And the S5 is a lot more powerful. Isn’t it faster for you?

    The Advantage and therefore its screen is more squarish (5.26 x 3.86 vs. 6.0 x 3.3 inches). I’d think the more rectangular screen would be preferable. Your thoughts?

    Finally, when are you going to join the Twitter world? 🙂

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi Genghis, decided to keep both devices ..I’ll hold off the X70 for now.

      Wow, you’re a true Viliv boy..S5 AND the doubt the S7 when it’s available?? 🙂

      Yeah yeah..twitter..I have to that done mate..thanks for kicking me in the butt there.

      • Genghis Khent on

        Hi James. I’m not sure if I’m a Viliv boy or a bankrupt boy after I bought both the X70 and S5. I plan to compare both on my blog next month. Come and visit.

        I’m not planning to get the S7 though. I’m a slate boy. A convertible at the 7″ form factor may work for others, but not for me.

  2. Steve on

    I find the Advantage a good cell phone too, with Bluetooth ear set, or without. I also run WinMo 6.1 on mine.
    For lightness, I sometimes carry just the screen section with me in a suitable belt holder I have.

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi Steve,
      good to hear from another Advantage user.

      I’ve decided to hang on to both devices now..

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