More on my 3 mobile devices and usages..

Here’s an assortment of pics I took of my 3 devices..the S5, iPhone 3G and the HTC Advantage. I’m currently using the iPhone as my daily workshorse, serving dutifully as a work phone/PIM.  It also connect up without fail to my car’s bluetooth system, unlike my other WinMo devices.

I use the HTC Advantage as my eBook reader, Multimedia player and RSS reader.  I  like the slim, compact design of the Advantage with the huge 5″screen which I can operate with one hand whilst standing in the peak hour train.  The S5’s a bit too heavy for prolonged one hand operations.  The iPhone’s also great one handed but I prefer a bigger screen for reading.

The Advantage also serves as my TomTom GPS Navigator..I”m pro TomTom and rather this over the S5 running Copilot.

Now for the’s there for MS Office functions mostly…being able to read huge Word and Powerpoint presentations, MS Projects and web browsing as I’m a firefox fan.


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