Viliv S7

You’ve gotta love the look and form factor of the Viliv S7.

I’m a big fan of the convertible tablet form factor and so the S7 when released will definately be worth a look depending on how the screen size of the X70 works out in everyday usage.

The S7 is basically the same weight, has the advantages of a built in keyboard, and has the coolest design tweak I’ve seen in years: the trackpad at the top of the keyboard. This seems like it wil be very intuitive to use. NO more crooked wirst to get your hands from the keyboard to the trackpad, instead you just reach up. Sweet.

That plus 6 hours minimum of real world usage looks like a winning combination. Now just hurry up and bring it to market! If past performance is anything to go on and the bloggers don’t have review units yet then I feel we’re 6months away from the Dynamism pre-order deals.


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