Lazy Sunday blogging..part 2

By the way, I chose the HTC Advantage over the S5 for the last blog for one simple reason..the S5 didn’t have an inbuilt camera so not effective at all for photo blogging.

That is one major feature lacking in the S5 for mobile blogging which prompted me to get the HTC Advantage..the x70 will address the camera issue but unfortunately not pocketable so for me not an ideal mobile blogging device for those unplanned photo blogging moments.

This blog is written using my iPhone as I needed to take a pic of the Advantage..:)


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  1. apa7714 on

    I read blog about people using this device in the camera…

    Then all they would do is connect it to there S5 and have the photo’s in a flash!

    I was tempted to get the Advantage due to the keyboard, but the S5 won me over due to price and power. Still the lack of the SD card slot and camera do make things a little annoying..we I’ll live. lol

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