Missing a webcam on the Viliv S5 – solved!

There’s beena bit of criticism of the S5 for not having a webcam (lots from J!). It’s valid given that a webcam doesn’t need to add alot of bulk or cost to a unit. I mean cameras in phones are tiny and even in the HTC Advantage it’s tiny.

Problem solved: get one of these:

Webcam alternative for the S5

Webcam alternative for the S5


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  1. Genghis Khent on

    An alternative which I’ve used on other mobile devices is the Logitech QuickCam for notebooks. It’s also a USB device. The QuickCam clips on to the top of a laptop screen. Not sure if the QuickCam will clip on to the top of the S5 as that top’s width seems thicker.

    • apa7714 on

      This would work out great…if you could find one. The article on this was from 2006! The Logitech to my knowledge are only available…overseas. This device may not be selling anymore. I couldn’t find it through all major search engines except for articles talking about it. None gave listing on where you could buy it. Did you have any luck finding it for purchace…

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