One day to go and we all take delivery…

…of our Dynamism pre-ordered Viliv X70’s. I’m content in the fact I was the first person on earth to order one (hopefully will be the first one dispatched).

Once the machines are out there in the world being used by real people (no offence but professional reviewers and bloggers don’t count), we’ll hopefully see lots more real usage reviews. I for one will from day one be using it for everything both in the office and on the road.

UPDATE: Just adding to some comments: I have received no communication of any type from Dynamism talking about a delay, maybe it only applies to the 128GB SSD version. It would be pretty ordinary to wait until the very day of shipping to send an email saying it’s delayed so I’m expecting it to ship as per the original date listed.


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  1. Genghis Khent on

    Hate to be a wet blanket. But I emailed Dynamism last Friday, asking “what’s up?” The answer: “We are confirming further details with Viliv, but it appears the original July 28th ship date may be delayed until the first week of August. We do apologize, but the delay is simply due to a slight delay in shipping from the factory. We expect to send an update within the next 24-48 hours once the final details are confirmed.” I haven’t received an update yet.

  2. Steve on

    The delay is bad news but adds weight to my question:
    Seeing the Viliv X70 is being released so close to the RTM of Win7, should we be expecting a free update to Win7 with this machine?
    Will that be forthcoming, anyone know?

    • Genghis Khent on

      Steve, shortly after my X70 order, I received an email from Dynamism offering to add an SKU for an update to Win 7 Home Premium for $20.

      • apa7714 on

        WOW…really. I wonder if they are going to do that with the S5. My S5 is still on back order even though I ordered it June 17th! When I called Dynamism about projected ship date, they informed me that I would not ship till August 5th at the earliest. They did give me the promo pack (car kit, battery, case) for free, even though I did not buy one during that promo period.

        It would be nice to have Windows 7 and a option.

        • Genghis Khent on

          apa, I ordered an S5 (in addition to the X70) in mid-July. I did not receive a Win 7 option on the S5 as I did on the X70. I have inquired on the ship date of the S5 (as I did on the X70) but have not yet received a response. When I do, I also will inquire re the Win 7 SKU on the S5 and update here.

      • jamesfongster on

        Keep us posted once you get your hands on the x70! 🙂

        • Genghis Khent on

          I *should* get one of the first deliveries since I ordered the X70 the first day (and maybe the first minute). Once I do, I should be putting up some info and shots on my blog,

          • lsbeller on

            LOL – I even tried to go to that site…HAHA — yes, I am really hoping the X70 is worth it – if I can use it to take notes, then the 128GB SSD will have been a good investment.


            • Genghis Khent on

              Steve, I think the X70 will be worth it. But on note taking, as I mentioned to RJ, the issue would be vectoring. The Fujitsu P16xx series has palm rejection technology. The X70 evidently doesn’t. Not sure if vectoring will be an issue on the X70.

              • lsbeller on

                Yeah, I have had the P1510D, P1610 and the P1620 and the palm rejection got progressively harder to the point on the 1620, I have to tap twice sometimes to get a response. i actually did quite well on the P1510D with few vectoring issues. I am hoping to have a similar experience with the X70 – although i am skeptical.


                • Genghis Khent on

                  Steve, you’re right. Palm rejection is a mixed blessing. It makes the touchscreen “harder” (less responsive) rather than “softer” (very responsive). Based on reports I’ve seen, the S5 has a very soft touchscreen and major vectoring issues. Less so for both on the X70. Of course, YMMV.

                • lsbeller on

                  I have the S5 and yes, there is some vectoring, but the screen is small enough that you can effectively rest your hand on the edge and not touch the screen.

                  I am hoping to do that with the X70. I had the Samsung Q1 and could resonably do that as well which is why I was willing to take the risk on theX70.


                • Genghis Khent on

                  Steve, I think you will be OK. I think the vectoring issue on the S5 relates to the small size (5″) of the screen and the resulting placement of your hand and palm while writing. With the larger 7″ screen of the X70, less likely to be an issue.

                • jamesfongster on

                  Hi Steve,
                  yep, I agree with Genghis – I wasn’t too successful in avoiding vectoring on the S5 as I found it hard to not rest part of my palm on the S5 for leverage whilst writing on the tiny screen.

                  I would assume the X70 with a larger screen would give me a similar experience as the Samsung Q1 Ultra that I had which gave me an acceptable inking experience..although nothing beats palm rejecting technology on touchscreens! 🙂

                • lsbeller on

                  My understanding is that the palm rejection technology that Fujitsu employs on my P1620 is software based. It sure would be nice if someone could develop a driver to effect that on these screens.


                • Genghis Khent on

                  Steve, I’m not the expert, but I believe palm rejection technology is at least partly hardware based, to be specific, the digitizer.

                • lsbeller on

                  Yeah, of course you need a digitizer to recognize the pressure of the input, but doesn’t the software (the driver) interpret that input thus allowing various degrees of pressure to be interpreted?

                  So, in my P1620, when I lay my hand on the digitizer it reports multiple points of resistence. The driver says if I receive multiple points of resistence within so many microseconds of each other, disregard that input.

                  When I tap the screen with my stylus, the digitizer reports one point of resistence. The driver then says if it is one point of contact with no other points of contact within a certain timeframe, register that as a left mouse click.

                  It may also have to do with the size of the area of resistence and how long the resistence is measured as well but my point is that maybe the driver for our devices could be modified for palm rejection.

                  I would love to hear if I am right or wrong in this regard as I am not an electical or software engineer.


      • Steve on

        Genghis Khent; I just sent an email to Dynamism asking if the win7 upgrade offer is available to all buyers. I would like that, too.
        Now; who is claiming to be the first person on earth to order the X70?
        I too ordered in the first minute of the ‘sale’.
        Do you think Dynamism can let us know who was first?
        Perhaps being first,(hah!) you are and will be the only one offered the Win7 deal!!!

        • Genghis Khent on

          Steve, the email I got from Dynamism, back on July 12, said “This offer is only available with the 128GB version of the Viliv X70.” It also said: “Customers who upgrade their order by July 15th will keep their place in-line (shipment is expected July 28th). Customers who upgrade their order after July 15th will lose their place in line (next shipment is expected August 11th).” So if you ordered the 32GB, not sure if this upgrade applies, or if at this point it would affect your place in line. Never hurts to ask though.

        • vilivx70 on

          I snuck in during a webmaster test the night before the official launch (11pm) so I can pretty safely claim I was the first in the World! Thankfully Dyanmism honoured the sale. The windows upgrade was definately only for the top of the range X70. As I said I have not received any emails telling me the X70 is delayed so I’m expecting a Fedex shipping notice to arrive in the inbox within 24 hours.

  3. Genghis Khent on

    Email from Dynamism that an update on the X70 “should come either tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest.” Re the S5, “those are still expected in August 5th as far as we know.” Genghis

  4. Roosevelt James on

    hello all,

    I just preorder my viliv s5 on july 23rd, what are my chances on getting my viliv s5 on the first shipment on august 5?

    • Genghis Khent on

      RJ, I ordered my S5 on July 16. Last Monday noon I received the following response from Dynamism sales to my inquiry: “As for your previous email asking about the S5, those are still expected in August 5th as far as we know.” My suggestion is just email sales and ask. Genghis

  5. lsbeller on

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the Win7 upgrade only going to be available for Vista machines? In other words, there will be no upgrade for XP machines. When I got my email from Dynamism for the new Win7 SKU, the caveat was that the X70 I received would have Vista loaded on it and i would receive the upgrade at a later date.

    I really debated if I wanted XP on the device and then buy the Win7 myself or get the Vista/Win7 machine for $20 more and buy the XP tablet edition for $150 later if I wanted to go back to XP. I missed the early Win7 buy so I was looking at $200 -$300 for a full copy of Win7 (remember – can’t upgrade XP), so finances won out.


    • Genghis Khent on

      Steve, you may be correct. I went back and re-read my email from Dynamism. It says: “This SKU ships with 128 GB solid-state drive, and Windows Vista Home Premium with a FREE upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium.” Not a big deal for me as I plan to load XP Tablet PC edition while waiting for Windows 7. But I should read those emails more carefully.

  6. Roosevelt James on

    Just got off the phone with dynamism, i was told i should expect my order to be ship on august 5th

  7. Roosevelt James on

    i’m thinking about getting the archos 9 when it comes out this september. I was going to buy the x70 but i change my mind. instead i got the s5.

    • Genghis Khent on

      The Archos 9 is an interesting device. I’ve blogged about it as well as the Archos 5″ MID supposedly being announced September 15. Few details yet. My concern is whether 9″ is a “tweener” form factor, too big to be small enough, too small to be big enough. This concern is based on my relatively ancient 9″ slate, a Motion LS800. Of course, the Archos will be thinner and lighter. Hard to say without one in your hands. Genghis

  8. Roosevelt James on

    what are the chances dynamism will ship out our viliv s5 before august 5th?
    im like a kid in a the candy store!!!! i can’t wait to play with it!!!!!

  9. Roosevelt James on

    well the reason im considering purchasing the archos 9 is because i want to use it in the classroom to take notes. It may be impossible to take notes on the s5. do dynamsim have any x70 instock?

    • Genghis Khent on

      RJ, re note-taking, the issue would be vectoring. I don’t know if the Archos 9 will have palm rejection technology like, say, the Fujitsu P16xx series. The X70 evidently doesn’t.

  10. Steve on

    Genghis Khent; Isbella & Vilivx70:
    Perhaps we are all guilty at times of not reading the fine print (goes with the RTFM attitude, I guess!)
    I just had a reply from Dynamism confirming everything you guys say, above:
    “The Windows 7 upgrade offer only applies to the 128GB SSD model of the Viliv X70 and will come initially loaded with Vista Home Premium and the upgrade available once Windows 7 is officially released. The Windows XP models however, including the one on your order are not eligible for the upgrade.”
    Frankly, that suits me although a cheap upgrade would have been nice.
    I think what is better is that Viliv appear to be ready for the shift to Win7 for their products – after all, I hear a lot of experienced people are having trouble getting Win7 up and running on the S5.
    Vilivx70; as for your sneak pre-order; I recall you posting that and so I humbly defer to you being the very first in the universe to order an X70 (bow, scrape, etc)

  11. Genghis Khent on

    Just got this email from Dynamism. It’s long so I’ll just give you the pertinent parts. Genghis


    Thank you for your recent order of the Viliv X70. We had hoped to be emailing you with the tracking number, but unfortunately that is not the case. Our shipment has been delayed by the factory. For the record, the delay is due to a components shortage: the recession has been less severe than suppliers expected, and MIDs have been especially popular this year. These factors have led to constraints on some components. We are sorry about this delay.

    ….We estimate the delay on our first shipment to be about two weeks (August 11th), although we are hoping for less.

    We will send another update within the next week….

    • lsbeller on

      yep – just got the same email.


      • Genghis Khent on

        Good, at least I’m not being discriminated against. And misery loves company.

        Just blogged on this ( spread the unwelcome news 😦

      • Genghis Khent on

        Good, at least I’m not being discriminated against. And misery loves company.

        Just blogged on this to spread the unwelcome news 😦

        • jamesfongster on

          Hey all,
          that’s extremely disappointing..another couple of weeks to 11 Aug and even at that time, it doesn’t sound like there’s guarantees that anyone will get their x70s delivered then. I can only imagine everyone’s pain at having to wait and see..not a good feeling.

          The CEO of Dynamism had put up a comment when we launched our website some months back – I’ll see if we can write to him and some response.

          Stay tuned..:)

          Cheers, James.

          • Genghis Khent on

            James, you tell that CEO for us that us Viliv fan boys are revolting! Err, maybe you better rephrase that. Seriously, their email is a bunch of marketing-speak. And why wait until the ship date to tell us? Surely they knew earlier. Frankly, I expected better from Dynamism. Now I’m waiting for a similar runaround on the S5 I ordered 😦

  12. Jaime on

    Just saw this. (

    Sounds like a delay.

    “From: Dynamism Sales []
    Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 2:02 PM
    Subject: FW: Viliv X70 delivery update

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your recent order of the Viliv X70. We had hoped to be emailing you with the tracking number, but unfortunately that is not the case. Our shipment has been delayed by the factory. For the record, the delay is due to a components shortage: the recession has been less severe than suppliers expected, and MIDs have been especially popular this year. These factors have led to constraints on some components. We are sorry about this delay.

    We know this delay is an inconvenience and we apologize. It is frustrating for us as well when something which is out of our hands comes up, after we work very hard to create a great customer experience. Please know that we are doing everything within in our power to push for fastest possible shipment. We estimate the delay on our first shipment to be about two weeks (August 11th), although we are hoping for less.

    Although any order can be canceled for a full refund prior to shipment, we hope that you will bear with us as we do everything within our power to minimize this delay. Nobody should have to wait, but if any device/ deal is worth the wait, this is it. This is a uniquely cool device and a really fantastic package. You may have heard it many times already, but we hope you have not become inured to the value of this device with its great spec and low price point–especially with all those free accessories/upgrades.

    Express Model Pre-Order Special:
    Free 1.3GHz Upgrade from 1.2Ghz, Car kit, Leather pouch, and Protective Film

    Premium Models Pre-Order Special:
    Free Standard Battery, Car kit, Leather pouch, and Protective Film ($195 value!)

    We will send another update within the next week, but please let us know if you need anything else in the meantime.

    Thank you,

    Dynamism Sales”

  13. Roosevelt James on

    dynamism website states that expected ship date for both viliv s5 and x70 is now september 3nd.

    • Genghis Khent on

      RJ, I think September 2 is the ship date for new orders.

      I emailed my contact at Dynamism today after receiving the email regarding the 2 week delay in the shipment of the X70. My question: “Is the component shortage going to affect the ship date of the S5 (which I’ve also ordered) as well?” The answer: “We do not believe so, but we are in the process of getting confirmation on that as well just in case.”

      You can take that to the bank. NOT!

  14. Genghis Khent on

    Steve, this issue has been discussed at the GottaBeMobile forums. From them I understand that not all passive digitizers are the same. But my knowledge is second-hand based on those discussions. I also would love to hear from someone more knowledgeable than me on this issue.

  15. Steve on

    It could be in the software of some programs:
    I have a Tablet Kiosk i7209 and vectoring makes Evernote totally unusable on it, whereas it is just fine with Microsoft Journal. Strange.
    BTW. I wonder what Dynamism is doing with all the money it has already collected from us for these gadgets?
    Don’t want to sound disloyal, but has anyone heard any more about the CrunchPad?

    • Genghis Khent on

      “I wonder what Dynamism is doing with all the money it has already collected from us for these gadgets?”

      I’ve dealt with Dynamism before. They’re reputable. Though they handled this poorly. They obviously knew of the problem well before the shipment date when they told us.

      “Don’t want to sound disloyal, but has anyone heard any more about the CrunchPad?”

      Last I blogged about it was July 4th. Readlly hasn’t been much news on it since then. Supposed to be an announcement August/September. Really not a competitor to the Viliv products, just an Internet consumption device, not a full-fledged computer.

  16. Genghis Khent on

    In case you’re interested:

    My Report Card of Dynamism’s Handling of Viliv X70 Shipment Delay

  17. Genghis Khent on

    In case you’re interested, I posted on my blog:

    My Report Card of Dynamism’s Handling of Viliv X70 Shipment Delay

  18. Genghis Khent on

    Email just received from Dynamism:

    We’re pleased to be reporting some good news (unlike last time!) on delivery of the Viliv X70. The first batch has already shipped from the factory to us, and will be sent out this week. The second batch should be shipped as early as Wednesday, and should be shipped to fill all remaining orders by early next week … Shipments are ordered by when order was processed with us, and do expect all X70 preorders to ship by August 10th.

    • Genghis Khent on

      In the “take the good with the bad” department, just got another email from Dynamism:

      “Thank you for your recent order of the Viliv S5 Premium.
      Unfortunately, our shipment, originally slated for August 5, has been delayed by the factory for two weeks. The delay is due to a shortage in the 4.8″ screen modules which have been in shortage due to the explosive popularity of MIDs. The delay should not exceed two weeks. So, we have a new estimated ship date of two weeks later, August 19.”

      • jamesfongster on

        Hmmm..maybe a time to put my S5 on eBay as it’s now a sought after gadget due to lack of overall worldwide supply?? :))

    • Jaime on

      This is great news…. I wasn’t expecting to see my second batch order until later in the month.

  19. Roosevelt James on


    • David on

      James, you are exactly right. I pre-ordered a 60g S5 July 16, for an Aug. 5 delivery. Then an email came that it will be delayed till aug 19th, then a funny mail saying starting 20th another promise fo delivery but mention when they are going to send off the tracking details, so you will keep on guessing when. Shortly after an email w/ some corrections, that 128G goes first before before 60G(Aug. 31st) WOWWWWWW!!! You see, when you list all these timelines, considering they could have learned from their previous pre-orders, something is extremely wrong. I will wait for mine to be delivered and I will post it in youtube as I SLAM it against the wall (IM SERIOUS)… Its like a food that after you lost your appetite, you just hate it very badly I dont even want to hear anything about Viliv and Dynamism… I should now be contented w/ my eeepc, wibrain, and everun w/c I bought outside Dynamism!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Roosevelt james on

      i check dynamism website on friday. i notice they had the 32gb ssd in stock. so i decided to change my order. i got it ship overnite for sat delivery. i just could not wait aug 31 for the 60gb hd version. now that i have it im busy installing apps on it. dynamism also gave me the acessory for free.

      • David on


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