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More temptation for the shopping trip – Android MID SmartQ 5

I’ve already decided to purchase a Viliv X70 with 64GB SSD and 3G from Japan in late October, now this appears:

The fabled Android powered MID, which is actually a Chinese based Android MID SmartQ 5. Which features a 4.3” 800×480 touch screen, Samsung CPU running at 667MHz, with 1GB of RAM and both Wifi and Bluetooth. It will be sold in Japan at the end of September.

Looks like I’ll need a bigger suitcase 🙂


S5 – What does your desktop look like?


I’m been keeping my sci-fi desktop look for a month and really interested to know of anyone with really cool looking S5 desktops? Send us a link and we’ll post some of your lovely pics!

It’s always challenging to dress up such a tiny desktop and make sure it doesn’t clutter up all that glorious 1024×600, 5″ screen!

Unity Walk tomorrow

I’m looking forward to the Unity Walk ( event tomorrow.

For those who don’t know what the Unity Walk is about,  it’s a annual fundraising event held in Australia for Parkinson’s Victoria, an organisation that provides services, programs and research, educate the community and liaise with government and other bodies on Parkinson’s related issues.

The walk will consist of a 4km course and does a circuit of Melbourne’s picturesque Yarra River, passing through Birrarung Marr.  Starting at iconic Melbourne Federation Square, walkers follow the scenic Yarra walking path in a clockwise direction with the turning point being Morrel Bridge to the east and Princes Bridge to the west.

This event is close to my heart as my mentor and close friend C was diagnosed with PD 3 years ago. Here’s a an excerpt of C’s PD Everyday Hero website..

“I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 3 years ago at age 45. It has a devastating effect on my life and took me a while to overcome the initial shock and to deal with it. It is a long term battle for me and my family and we truly appreciate your support to this fund raising effort.
Thanks again.”

C is truly my everyday hero..the most brillant technical specialist I’ve every known and you cannot begin to imagine how devastating it is to be struck down with PD at the prime of his working career.

C is a fellow gadgeteer and have been waiting to see my S5 in the flesh.  He owns a Lifebook U1010 and is waiting for eagerly for the MacTablet!

I’ll be bringing along my blogging tools – the HTC Advantage for picture taking and the S5 for vilivboys blogging purposes.

So stay tuned for a blog post of this special event and some scenic pics of Melbourne Australia.

Asus T91 touchscreen netbook is inda house!

Hi, just dropping a note to say that I’ve gotten my grubby hands on the Asus T91 tablet notebook and will be sharing my thoughts on this in comparison with my S5.

Here’s a youtube video from the master of UMPC video reviewers jkk..I’ll post some pics of my unit pretty soon…just running late for yumcha in the city now! 🙂

Viliv S5 competitor? NetWalker PC-Z1

This just in, looks pretty cool. I know it’s not a Viliv but it’s a UMPC and J and I are UMPC nuts :).

I’ve been waiting  along time for the Mio MID which hasn’t yet appeared but now it looks like Sharp has beaten them to it with the

It’s a tiny 5”  MID device called the NetWalker PC-Z1. similar in style to the UMID MBook. I think these will be great since they come from the makers of the awesome Zaurus range of PDA’s.

It has a 5” 1024×600 touch screen display and is powered by a FreeScale i.MX515 CPU (800 MHz) with 512MB RAM, 4GB storage, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and a 68 key QWERTY keyboard. No internal 3G. Runs Ubuntu.

You can expand the 4GB storage through a microSDHC slot (up to 16GB). USB, Mini USB, Headphone jack.

Boot up time of about 3 seconds. 2-Cell Lithium Ion battery is rated at 10 hours battery life.

It weighs 409g and is 161 x 109 x 20 mm in size.