S5 random thoughts

The first thing I do every morning is to wake up with a steaming cup of java and turn ok the S5 to check emails, news ESP if the trains are running ok time !

To that extent the S5 is great..resumes from slumble in 4 to 5 secs which is great in the morning when I tend to get very impatient!

With the grab and drag addin I’m firefox , my morning experience is enjoyable being able to thumb scroll smoothly. I must say of all my touchscreen umpcs that the s5 is the most responsive.

One thing I wish the S5 has was a in built kickstand like the q1 ultra that S and I used to own. I find that almost a mandatory feature. But due to the battery design that takes up the whole of the s5 backing, its evident why this is not present . The wibrain I had was quite resourceful, providing a keyhole ok it’s top edge back that allows you to stick in it’s stylus and hey presto a no frills kickstand!

As you can see from the pic , the compromise is the casing..but that’s if you buy it.


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