HTC Advantage’s new role (TomTom GPS device!)

The Advantage will now be my personal Tomtom GSP Navigation device.

I’m not a big fan of car suction mounts so was surprisingly pleased to find that the HTC Advantage happily sat snugly on the central dash console groove alongside my iPhone (well, currently trying out an Nokia E71 pictured here).

Thanks to the huge bright screen I have no issues with occasionally glancing at the screen to visually get my bearings and mostly rely on the audio turn by turn directions instead. The huge screen also allows the wife check if I’m on the right track and to act as a secondary turn by turn guide in case I misjudge the directions..:)

The Advantage runs TomTom 6 very well…usually around 2 mins to triangulate and establish the GPS signal. It also has clear, loud speakers that deliver clear turn by turn directions and the big screen means big keyboard/soft buttons which makes Tomtom operation whilst driving much more accurate.

I’m giving it a Borat’s “Nicccceeeeeeeeeee” to the HTC Advantage being my TomTom GPS device!

Passesngers view (aka the wife’s view)

Both the Advantage and the Nokia E71 slots in nicely in the “groove” and survived the “sharp turn” test (ie, neither flew off!). Therefore, no unsightly suction cars mounts are required for either devices.

The Driver’s view ( FYI, in Australia, it’s right-handed drive cars)

Now I have to find somewhere on the dash for the S5!


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