Battery life – is it the Holy Grail?

Battery lifeBeing mobile is intrinsically linked to the battery life of our mobile devices. But recently I decided to work out how much I need and why.

The Viliv X70 and S5 both have outstanding battery life. 5-6 hours real life use and days of standby is excellent from a standard battery. For that kind of life in the past you would have needed a big, heavy extended battery (like my P100’s which adds 40% of weight and some size to the device). A Windows Mobile device like the HTC Advantage gave me days of use and a week of standby, but it wasn’t a fully functioning PC by any means.

Looking into my own usage patterns I was surprised to find out how much I need day to day.

At home I’m near a wall outlet but obviously don’t like to be tethered to one spot as I use the UMPC in the loungeroom, the kitchen, the sunroom and out on the terrace in the sunshine. Also in bed. I’m finding that I use the extnded battery on the LG most of the time just so I don’t have to plug in even though there’s an abundance of outlets. In the office I plug in the unit while at my desk so it’s always charged when I take it off to meetings. But I still find I use the big battery. I doubt I’m going to have a meeting that would require more than 1 hour 45 but still I don’t use the smaller,lighter battery. This may be because I once had it hooked to a projector for a presentation and the battery ran out before the meeting ended and I was forced to use a notepad without the slides on the big screen. Embarrasing.

I travel about once a month and then I need the big battery. Between using the unit in the airport, using it during the day and then again in the airport lounge and on the flight home I usually don’t charge it during the day so I need the device to last 5-6 hours. But more importantly I need it to not chew the power while in standby which was the horror story with all my Sony Vaio UMPC’s which would be down to 85% before I even switched them on if I didn’t plug then in overnight.

So I probably only need a big battery life once a month but still it’s the thing I crave most. Haven’t quite worked out why.

The Viliv S7 claims to have even better battery life than the X70 and S5, and that with the convertible form factor makes it very attractive.


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