Lazy sunday blogging

Ok I have been naughty… Am supposed to be quitting the Advantage and using the S5..but I have a good reason! The S5 is charging via the AC outlet; The weather is so nice outdoors now that I just had to sit outside and enjoy a cuppa java and checking emails.

Just discussing over emails now with D re our experiences with the Advantage and one thing it (wimmo) has over the S5 (xp) is days upon days of battery life as opposed to the s5’s 2 to 3max battery life ok standby mode.

To me battery life is the key to my mobility and I am not disiciplined enough to charge my devices daily . The most frustrating moments are when you really need to use the deviceamd it goes back into standby right after you turn it on.

The S5, when pitted against all my other umpcs is considered amazing when it comes to battery longevity esp if you consider 6 hours usage from a standard battery.

All my other umpcs could only achieve this using heavy and clunky extended batteries.

So I can’t complain about battery life ok the S5..wonder if viliv will release a 12 hour battery for the s5?


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