Off to Akihabara – any tips on the best tech shops?

Akihabara shopping

Akihabara shopping

I’ll be going to Akihabara in two months time and I have a map and some websites I’ve been loooking at but people say that outside of the main area you can find some great shops with different things and bargains to be had. Anybody got any tips, tricks?

Update: now I’m back check out my posts about my shopping experience in Akihabara


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  1. Steve on

    Post plenty of pics when you come back, please

  2. FlyP on

    Take the small streets around the main street! There are so many little shops with such a density of computing stuff, just incredible! But beware, I spent three days in there…


  3. vilivx70 on

    @FlyP, thanks, I have been reading about getting away from the main big streets. Less English the further you go though apparently. 3 days! Ouch. I may be in trouble.

  4. vilivx70 on

    back from Akihabara, look out for my post on it in the next couple of days

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