UMID Mbook m1 vs the S5

D informed me that the M1 is now for sale at Dynamism – going for $599 which puts in head to head in terms of pricing against the S5.

So which will live up to the challenge, which will reign supreme ? (if that sounds kinda familiar, it’s from the cheesy Iron Chef series dubbed in English which sadly, I watch for a laugh on Saturday nights).

At a glance, the M1 wins me over because of its compactf orm factor – I’m a sucker for clamshells…my previous UMPC clamshells being the Vaio Picturebook PCG-C1VG, Vaio U1, the Vulcan Flipstart, the Fujitsu Lifebook U1010 3G..upon comparison, the M1’s the lovliest being incrediby slim, compact and pocketable. It’s also the most powerful with an Atom 1.3Mhz and 32G SSD and 4-5hr battery life in all it slimness. Nice..

But then, my love at first sight quickly waned once I saw video review by Chippy on the M1. It’s quite anergnomic nightmare…at best 1 finger typing and thumb typing+screen angle just doesn’t wanna collaborate.

Also, personally, I don’t like the idea of a clamshell and a touchscreen unless you can swivel the screen and fold it like a convertible tabletpc. Just gimme a touchpad or a nipple mouse for navigation thanks..:)

And no headphone jack, no USB port without tentacle dongles? Shock horror..

Looks like this vilivboy’s not going to become a Mbookie..:)


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  1. baap on

    nice! The s5 reigns supreme 🙂

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