Upgrading the Lg P100 to SSD

I know it’s not a Viliv but some of you will know I also own a LG P100 as my desktop replacement machine. This 1.3kg UMPC convertible tablet is one of the fastest UMPC’s going and has a dedicated graphics card to handle my Photoshop CS requirements as well as some movies and gaming. Except for the hard drive. Lg for some unthinkable reason took a machine capable of a 13,379 ALU score and a 12,451 FPU and a 7870 MEM, and put in a 4200 rpm hard drive.

So it gets 2596 on the Crystalmark for Hard drive! Likewise the Windows experience index is let down by hard drive performance and returns a 3.9. Which isn’t horrible for a UMPC but compared to the results you get out of a 5400 rpm drive or an SSD drive it’s not great.

Recently Chippy from UMPC portal got 22,864 out of his Touchnote with a RunCore IV SSD fitted. If I get the same results from my disk swap I’ll push the LG’s benchmark score to around 80,000! the 60,000 I could acheive standard left 99% of UMPC’s in it’s dust anyway.

SSD drive

This is the drive I have ordered. Stay tuned for a tute on how to do it.The LG P100


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