TomTom One 140 (Getting one tomorrow!)

Finally, I have sold the HTC Advantage to a lucky Australia eBayer!  Most of you probably remembered my previous struggle on whether to keep the Advantage or the S5 as both had its merits and attractions as my ideal MID.  If only the S5 had a webcam, a SD slot and an in-built mic like the Advantage..

Anyway, I’ve been using the Advantage as my vehicular GPS and now that it’s sold, I’m in need of a good, economical GPS device to fill the void.

I thought about using the s5 as my GPS unit; I once had Co-pilot live Laptop running on the S5 but the UI was a let down for I graciously gave that away to a mate.


The cost of procuring a decent GPS software almost equates to purchasing a discrete GPS device…that’s where the Tomtom One 140 comes into the picture. It’s cheap and cheerfully good! Around AUD$270 or USD$215.



I’ve always been using Windows mobile driven PDAs with PPC version of Tomtom and I really like the Tomtom’s UI over other GPS units like Mio, Garmin and Navman.

The new feature I’m pretty rapt about is the advanced lane guidance. There’re some weird and wonderful road rules in Melbourne Australia such as “hook turns” only in the CBD where Trams and Cars share the same road…like to see whether the lane guidance is going to guide correctly in situations like these…:)

Hopefully I can pick one up at a local gadget store tomorrow as I’m travelling on sunday .. let you know how the Tomtom One goes!


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