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Nokia Internet tablet N900 – Now I want one too!

Oh..this is bad, really bad.  After S’s rave about how sexy the N900 is, I started having a deeper dig into N900 details and found it to be worthy of replacing my aging iPhone 3G!

Check out the youtube vid – Nokia really did good the UI on the N900 – I like the multi workspaces which look like a much better implementation than my old Sony Xperia X1’s Panels.

and it runs a browser (Mozilla powered) with flash support, a 3.5″ resistive WVGA screen (800×480, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 256MB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory, a MicroSD slot, GPS, an FM transmitter, a 5-megapixel camera, a 3.5mm jack and cellular radio…wow, the list goes on. Compared to the iPhone 3G, the N900’s thicker and heavier (110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm, 113 cc, 181 g)


Can’t wait till mid Nov when S get his N900 and I get to check in out! Just may be tempted to get on myself but have to look into raising funds by selling existing gadgets else the missus won’t be impressed! Such is life..for a gadgetholic like me having to constantly look for the next fix!


Windows 7 launch in Japan

Came across this Windows 7 launch video in Japan..don’t understand a word of it but found it pretty hilarious!Ultraman and Godzillas..

Watch the bits where the touchscreen didn’t work..if the presenter wasn’t so polite, it’ll probably be a volley of “WTFs” flying..heheh!

Speaking of Japan, D’s currently over there in deep in the jungles of Akihabara..

Nokia N900 – Can’t wait!

Thanks J for the introduction.

This is my first post on vilivboys, and I want to start out by thanking the guys for letting me be a part of the site!

I am a bit of a gadget nut, and hold a dear place in my heart for any device that I can fit in my pocket!. I’ve owned almost every Ultra Mobile PC and smart phone ever created, and I am hoping to share my future experiences with you all.

At the moment, I am eagerly awaiting my Nokia N900 which I have had on order from the States for a few weeks now. It’s been one of the most painful waits I’ve ever experiened for a gadget as the more I read about this phone, the more I want it now!.

After checking the status of my order (which is now a daily ritual) this morning, I stumbled across the news that the N900 has been delayed til ‘mid to late November’, which now means the release has been delayed by 2 months from the original date. 😦

The N900 is the newest attempt by Nokia to create a pocketable tablet PC experience and from all reports, they seem to have hit the nail on the head, creating a powerful yet fairly sleek device running Maemo 5 (Maemo) with built in phone capability.

Bring on November!

New Vilivboy S will be blogging soon!

Yeahhhh, we have a new Vilivboy inda house!

Introducing Stephen B (aka Vilivboy S) – S is a great gadget mate of mine and we met some years back on a transaction on Oz eBay.

I was selling my Fujitsu P1510 and he made me an offer of cash and an OQO 01+ trade-in.  We have been steadfast mates since.

S is a wealth of gadget information – he has an affinity for OQOs and is the whiz that managed to put my broken OQO together again.

BTW, we just did another gadget swap 3 hours back – the OQO he repaired last night for a Dell mini project M109s – stayed tuned for my review on this.

S is eagerly waiting for his Nokia N900 to arrive – so stay tuned for his upcoming reviews.

Welcome Stephen!

Netwalker – in Oz; Scheduled for delivery


Please, Australia Post, please deliver it tomorrow (friday) so I get my hands on the Netwalker before the weekend!!

I’ll be eagerly waiting for a call from the concierge desk at work’s going to be hard to focus at work ..:)