OQO 02 vs the S5

I have always been a big fan of the OQO umpc and was pretty sad when my 2nd oqo bit the dust, followed by the closure of OQO some months back.  To most umpc enthusiasts, the OQO was far from being the perfect umpc, witha high price tag keeping it outta reach to most gadgeteers.

Well, an opportunity presented itself last week when my gadget mate offered a pristine OQO 02, 1.5GHZ, 32G Ssd and 1G RAM for sale. Bought it!

As it was a lazy sunday, I sat outdoors with the OQO to get reaquainted.

As you can tell from the pic. the screen is not ideal for outdoor usage being highly reflective. Even with the screen brightness set to max, it still wasn`t bright enough when compared to the S5.

I still find the OQO`s VIA processor struggles when compared with the S5`s Atom processor.

Battery life wise..both units are on par around 4 to 5 hours real time usage with wireless on.

But the thing I really dig  about the OQO is the lovely thumb keyboard..just the convenience of having a useable in built keyboard really makes a difference esp when typing up a reasonably lenghty blog post such as this.

My OQO is currently running nicely on XP but am tempted to plonk on Win7 Ultimate..let u know how I go with this.


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