Wibrain 32g SSD

The wibrain was one of the umpcs which I took an interest in some time back. at that time I was quite intrigued with the split keyboard design and how it resembled a psp only with keys.

I ended up with a Via 1G, 1G ram and a 32g ssd model. The screen res was akin to the S5 running 1024×600 on a 4.8″ sized screen. I liked the touch pad which made navigation a joy .

The 32g ssd ran really quietly as well.

The split keyboard gave me a splitting headache as I found it quite challenging having to look left/right all the time to find the right keys to type. It was too hard to touch type.

I ended up selling that off and ending up with. Samsung Q1p which was another umpc that had a split keyboard…and the splitting headaches started again…heheh!


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