My brief fling with the Kohjinsha SA

Here’s a blast from the past..

Ok I don’t know what possessed me to bid on this laptop on Ebay some years back but by a stroke of bad luck , I ended up with this 7 inch laptop that has a touchscreen and runs XP. The specs don’t look too bad, with a 7″ touchscreen, a 100g hdd, 512mb of ram and all the usual doses of wireless.

Buy as soon as I laid my grubby hands on it, disappointment set in as the 800 by 480 resolution was just too low and everything appeared grainy. The keyboard was nicely spaced but the tactile feel of the keys when pressed was stiff and inaccurate.

The touchscreen wasn’t too bad but it didn’t have a slot to hold the stylus which I found quote annoying on umpcs.

I ended up using it more like a 100g hdd than a umpc, which is why I sold it off. Too bad.. As size wise it was close to what I wanted in my quest for a functional umpc.

The recently Viliv S10 beat this hands down with the slim convertible equipped with a 10-inch touch-screen displayat higher resolution 1024×600, a gigabyte of RAM, and 1.33GHz Intel Atom. Yep, times,  they are a changing…makes you wonder what the next gen 10″ convertibles are going to look like spec-wise!


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