Not a typical day at work..

Tonight has been a pretty weird night ay work so I thought I’ll share this slice of my working life with you.

I am involved in a huge project implementation this coming weekend and we were doing a lead up production change today.

2 of our implmementors were about to exectue their change activities so decided to go down for a break before the long haul. On their way up, they got stuck in the lifts.  Notified our team who called the building lift technicians for help..these guys turned at the wrong building and our 2 fellow team members remain stuck in the lifts for 2.5hrs!  They were still stuck when I left work..poor guys! Oh, and the change is delayed as 2 dependant resources are unavailable ro perform their production tasks..

My workmate decided to buy a packet of chips at the train stn…first one got stuck. In true techo fashion, he decided to buy another packet thinking the one behind will push the one that is stuck in front. In true PM fashion I called out the risks..assessed and supported his technical recommendation. Wrong move…spectator stranger suggested buying a packet on the bottom left may help dislodged the 2 stuck packets…Wrong again!

Both of us went home hungry…:)


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