My even briefier fling with the HTC Shift!

I once owned a HTC Shift and rememberd how I excited I was back then to find a 7″ Vista Tablet touchscreen, 800grams, slim and sexy but has a slide out keyboard as well! Here’s a pic of my Shift in comparision with a DVD cover..

It had all the niceties of a modern day UMPC such as a webcam, biometrics fingerprint sensor, thumbmouse.

One exciting thing about the Shift is its ability to run Windows Mobile 6 in tandem with Vista…a nice toggle button on the bottom left lets you toggle between both OS..sweet! The WinMo mode allows you to check emails and sms.  Here’s what the interface looks like up close..

By default, this mode is always on so it’ll bug you with incoming mails and sms-es..

I spent most of my playtime in Vista..which the Shift ran very competently. I won’t dwell on the specifics of the hardware, other than it’s got a Gig of CPU and a Gig of RAM and ran most things pretty well under Vista

Now for the gripes..there is no option to rotate the Shift to portrait mode which is a total bummer as it’s perfectly balanced to be held that way as a tablet PC.

The battery life in Vista mode was less then ordinary – I had a little over 2 hours of playtime before it started complaining about battery being low..and that’s just with surfing and some program installations. Arrgggh!

The keys were just a little too small for typing and there’s an absence of a mouse pad or a trackpoint” which is pretty annoying as you have no ability of controlling the mouse cursor without taking your fingers off the keyboard.

The biggest gripe is the resolution…800×480 resolution on a 7″ screen isn’t very pretty..would love this to go up to 1024×600 resolution at least.

Totally disappointed with the lack lustre battery life, I sold it within 2 months of owning it. Sigh.

I can’t wait for the next gen of the HTC Shift II to come along…once they remove my 2 biggest gripes, ie, battery life and screen resolution. The Viliv S7 is definitely a contender in this space minus the dual OS.

Decisions, decisions..

Here are more pics depicting size comparisions against other laptops and UMPCs

Shift vs the Dell D600 (my work laptop)

Shift vs the Macbook

Shift vs the OQO


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