Mobile phone banned as GPS devices..nearly..

Here’s an interesting debate in Victoria, Australia (where I am) over the last couple of months..finally common sense prevails over bureaucractic madness.

One of the reasons why I sold the HTC Advantage (which I was using as a lovely GPS device with a glorious 5″ screen) and got a TomTom XL instead..doh!

So what do you think about the validity of banning mobile phones (seated properly on cradles) being used as in car GPS devices? Sensible or just an excuse for the bureaucrats to raise revenue??

Backdown on mobile GPS ban


October 19, 2009 – 3:20PM

Victorian drivers will be able to use mobile phones to find their way around after Vic Roads backed down on a proposed ban of mobile GPS devices.

The changes to the law, which will be introduced on November 9, were announced in newspaper ads over the weekend.

Under the proposed law drivers were banned from using their mobile as a satellite navigation system.

The ban was seen as a threat to the growing market in applications and services for smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone.

The changes will now allow drivers to use their mobile as a GPS device as long as it sits in a cradle or is remotely operated.

Under the new laws, drivers will be prohibited from holding their phones or resting them on their lap, even if they are turned off.

Drivers can still make and receive phone calls or listen to music if the phone is sitting in a specially designed cradle.

Watching videos on mobile phones while driving is banned.

Drivers caught breaking the new laws will be fined $234 and lose three demerit points.

Previous studies have found that drivers are four times more likely to crash while holding a mobile phone.

Driving while holding a mobile is among the top three offenses committed by Victorian drivers.


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