Netwalker – my initial thoughts pre unit arrival

sharp-netwalker-midMoving back to a Linux O/S such as Ubuntu 9.04 on the Netwalker means I have to get back into a Linux mindset.

Not too difficult for me as I am comfortable with Linux (was a Unix sysadmin a couple of lifetimes ago) and have used earlier version of Ubuntu.

For most Windows users switching over to Linux/Ubuntu, it”ll take some time to get used to the Linux desktop and applications. (like Jenn from the when she first used the Netwalker).

Fortunately, Ubuntu has an equivalent application for most Windows apps.  Here’s a table that illustrates the alternatives:


The good thing is if you’re like me and do most of my personal computing in the cloud, we’re not reliant on any of the above local apps.

In fact, that’s why I think the Netwalker is built on a lower performing ARM architecture and not on Intel.  I reckon it’s primarily built for cloud computing which doesn’t require too much processing grunt but the tradeoff is low power consumption resulting in extended battery longevity.

Therfore, the Netwalker should suit a “light weight” cloud computing person like me to a tee ’cause I value battery stamina more than I do performance.

Oh, and currently devices such as the Netwalker built on ARM architecture only runs Linux – so no chance of running XP, Vista or 7. Wish someone can say I’m wrong here (but Win95 doesn’t count! 🙂



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