Nokia N900 – Can’t wait!

Thanks J for the introduction.

This is my first post on vilivboys, and I want to start out by thanking the guys for letting me be a part of the site!

I am a bit of a gadget nut, and hold a dear place in my heart for any device that I can fit in my pocket!. I’ve owned almost every Ultra Mobile PC and smart phone ever created, and I am hoping to share my future experiences with you all.

At the moment, I am eagerly awaiting my Nokia N900 which I have had on order from the States for a few weeks now. It’s been one of the most painful waits I’ve ever experiened for a gadget as the more I read about this phone, the more I want it now!.

After checking the status of my order (which is now a daily ritual) this morning, I stumbled across the news that the N900 has been delayed til ‘mid to late November’, which now means the release has been delayed by 2 months from the original date. 😦

The N900 is the newest attempt by Nokia to create a pocketable tablet PC experience and from all reports, they seem to have hit the nail on the head, creating a powerful yet fairly sleek device running Maemo 5 (Maemo) with built in phone capability.

Bring on November!


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