Ahhh Japan, how cheap you are for tech

Just picked up a very cheap X70 from an online Japanese retailer. $6 aussie postage overnight!


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  1. Thomas.M on

    May i know where it is? Thinking (for a long time) to get one to replace my super-ebook tc1100. Thnaks.

    • vilivx70 on

      Bought it from an online store and had it delivered to a local address the next day. Comes with Japanese windows XP home but since this one’s getting the Win 7 or Linux treatment it didn’t matter to me.

      • Thomas.M on

        yea, may i know what’s the store address?

        • jamesfongster on

          Hi Thomas
          just wanted to drop a note to say that I wa also once a big fan and user of the tc1100 tablet slatee cum laptop hybrid. It was a shame that HP Compaq never took it further..I even saw it being used on a recent episode of the Dollhouse series!

          Unfortunately my tc1100 suffered a cracked screen so I have retired it.

          • Thomas.M on

            hi james, just bought a x70 today but at the time holding it on hand, i know it’s far far behind tc1100’s standard. Then about 30mins of testing and playing i decided to sell it.

            Always looking for tc1100 replacement for better battery and weight but seems it’s not yet on this world.

            • jamesfongster on

              Hi Thomas, firstly, a happy new year and thanks for visiting our site!

              Yeah, I know what you mean..the like yourself, I found the TC1100, old spec-wise as it may be now, the ideal slate tablet PC with it’s 10.4 inch display and a digitizer screen that’s just glorious to write on.

              I truly enjoyed inking and viewing pdfs and word documents in portrait mode.

              I’m curious to know why you gave up the x70?

              Cheers, J.

              • Thomas.M on

                Hi James, the best of tc1100 is all it real-user-friendly (sound like a old term now…) simple design.

                for example:
                -side scroll button, perfect for portrait mode but also good on landscape mode. (and i can’t think of another tabletpc/umpc got this too.)

                -workable portrait resolution. Compare to 768px, x70’s (and many recent devices) 600px is just too small for windows environment, even not wide enough for most website.

                -reachable screen edge. not about digitizer or touchscreen, is the screen itself. it’s so difficult control when something near the edge of screen even with stylus.

                -no mouse over, no right click.

                -weight over size ratio. When holding a x70 and tc1100, their weight doesn’t feel much different. (even worst if s5 vs tc1100)

                and some minor things like number extension slots, size of stylus, screen rotate speed, memory slots, 2.5″ harddrive (yes, i prefer 2.5″ harddrive other than ssd, as i can store tons of stuff without consider it life span) etc.

                I do believe the x70’s battery will let me enjoy much longer cable-free reading&browzing however with all above disappointments, i wouldn’t mind to bring the power cable with me.


  2. vilivx70 on

    sorry, forgot that haha:

    http://www.brule.co.jp Japan also gets a 64GB hard drive version as well as a 16 and 32 GB version.

  3. Bobby on

    How much did you pay for X70?
    $6 postage from japan to Australia is unheard of!

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi Bobby, just to clarify, D paid $6 postage delivery within Japan not to Australia..:)

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