UMID mBook M1 reviewed – The good, the bad and the ugly

Here is my layman’s review of the umid after using it for  3 days.

In summary, I really like the UMID mbook due to a very useable keyboard, a touch friendly responsive bright screen, being truly pocketable and a great battery life..all the criteria I am looking for in a MID.  It is by no means perfect but the good outweighs the bad and ugly for me.

The next gen M2 mBook is tipped to address the flaws so I can’t wait for that!

The good

– Truly pocketable. 303g,slightly larger than a Nintendo DS. I was able to put this in the front trouser pocket.
– Great battery life at 6 hours
– Thumb friendly keyboard with great tactile feel and easy reach to all keys.
– Lovely touchscreen..bright and responsive
– Great resolution 1024×600 res on a 4.8inch screen.
– Has a microSD slot..yay..
– Has a SSD drive…this is really quick.
– Has a 1.3MP webcam and in built mic for video conferencing
– Runs XP very well with an Atom 1.33mhz cpu and 512mb Ram
– Runs most apps under XP well.

The bad

– Screen does not tilt back quite far enough so not ideal viewing ergonomics when typing..does not bother me though.
– Reports that Win 7 doesnt run efficiently with just 512mb Ram
– Mono speaker not audible in a moderately noisy environment
– Youtube videos can be jerky at times

The ugly

– No proper standard usb port..requires a dongle..can get annoying!
– Wireless and BT automatically turns off when device is put to you will need to turn on upon resume
– No proper headphone jack but comes with a proprietary headphones,


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