Viliv X70 windows 7 upgrade so far

Successfully installed from the windows RC DVD I burned a while ago. To get it to boot from the DVD though I had to only use the buttons on the Viliv, the keyboard wasn’t working to get to the boot menu or select or enter to boot from the USB drive, so I had to use the joystick and the B key.iViliv application

I installed the wifi driver and connected to my wireless. Then I installed the iViliv updater application. Even though I had downloaded all the drivers off the viliv site in advance I wanted to see if it’s own application would handle the windows 7 driver installation itself.

I’m happy to report it does. I’m only just at the beginning but it seems to be hunting down and installing all the drivers. Interestingly though the chipset driver that I downloaded is newer than the one iViliv wants to download, so I guess their website is more current than the application.

iViliv downloading


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  1. cadnanr on

    Dear All Viliv x70 Users,

    This is Adnan here from Bangladesh. My email ID is – and web profile is on I am putting my little effort to solve all of yours problem with Viliv x70 driver finding nightmare that I have gone through since I bought my unit from “” back in September 2009. My unit is the “128GB SSD + HSPA Modem Premium Air” model. I have collected tested and assorted the full working range of driver for my unit. Here what I have to say about my work-

    Driver Link:

    1. Leave XP and start using Windows 7. I am using the windows 7 RC V6.1 Build 7227.x86fre SP1 (Ultimate 32 Bit). It works fine. Just make sure to turn of the auto update feature in case you decide to use the RC version. Although I have received the free update offer with my purchase from “www.” with which soon I am going to update.

    2. I have put the whole driver pack into a single .rar file in order to upload and download conveniently. For your convenience the drivers folders are marked/named in sequential order so that you can start installing them from no. 1 to till end.

    3. Install a fresh copy of “Windows 7” using an external USB DVD drive. Caution-Don’t upgrade from XP/ Vista. I have bought an ASUS external DVD burner for this reason because I have spent a big chunk of my saving on this so why go cheap. During the installation, wipe out all the partition from the installation window where it ask for where to install “Windows”. Then using the advance option, create a 20-30GB primary partition. After finishing the installation use the “Windows 7”’s own partition manager to create the rest of the Logical drives.

    4. At first after installing “Windows 7” unpack the driver pack in to your hard disk then go to the “Device Manager” and look for the “Unknown Device” and start installing the “eco_io_control” located at the “1-System Driver” folder

    5. For WiFi, Bluetooth and Webcam install “Viliv Manager” (11 No. Folder) first then turn on WiFi, Bluetooth and Webcam all option “ON” in the “Viliv Manager” then install WiFi, Bluetooth and Webcam.

    6. If you prefer that you are going to use the supplied “Cube UI Software” then my suggestion is you should try using the “Microsoft Origami Experience Pack 2”. Personally I do not prefer using OS cover up software. For me “Windows 7” is great. But for the sake of the experiment I prefer, tried, used and tested “Microsoft Origami Experience Pack 2”. I think it works even greater than the “Viliv” supplied “Cube UI Software”. “Cube UI Software” is usually non responsive time to time and the graphics is way below my acceptance level. Don’t use “Microsoft Origami Experience Pack 2” and “Cube UI Software” simultaneously otherwise it will conflict and will slow down or might even crash your OS. But in both cases you need to install “Adobe Air” and “Adobe Flash Player ”

    7. Always try to follow the numbered driver folder to install the drivers. Even inside the different device driver folder there are in some places several files to be installed and for your convenience I have renamed them sequentially so that you can install them properly.

    8. Now for the soft keyboard issue I prefer you to install the “Viliv” supplied soft keyboard as a backup plan. But for better performance I suggest “Comfort On-Screen” Software Keyboard. It is highly customizable and it has a very intuitive user interface. After installing the “Comfort On-Screen” Software Keyboard, right click on the keyboard and click “option”. Then under the advanced TAB load the pre configured setting file from the installation folder “Optimal Setting” that I have created for your convenience. After loading just uncheck both “Lock” option under the “On Screen Keyboard” and “Floating Window” TAB then adjust the keyboard on the bottom edge of the screen and the floating button with bottom right hand side corner of the screen. Then “Check” both the lock option again and you are done.

    9. Now for the 3G Modem driver software. This one gave me the most pain to resolve. It took me almost 3 weeks to find the right software for this and still it was lacking/ incomplete regarding built-in voice calling capabilities. I had to do a little bit of scripting to turn the original “Acer Timeline” laptops software to work with “Viliv”. Which include enabling voice calling feature, call record feature and also the logo of “Viliv”, sorry I could not remove the Software title which says “Acer” but working on it. After installing the modem software replace the “config” folder and “logo.png” under the “C:\Program Files\Acer 3G Connection Manager” with the provided one in the driver package folder.

    10. At last I did not tried the “Viliv X70”’s GPS capabilities at its best. But I suggest you can use “Google Earth Pro” with it for better performance, which I provided with the driver pack.

    11. Last but not least, there is always something better yet to be found. So if you can find it before I do please let me know so that I can also get benefit of it.

    Sorry if I bored you but I tried my best to make you struggle less for your beloved “Viliv X70”. Let me have your opinion emailed to my mail box.

    Driver Link:

    Take care, Adnan.

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