Windows 7 running like a dream on the X70 with full tablet features

After a few hours of flaky wifi (seems to clash with the bluetooth) windows 7 is running well on the X70. I used citanics hosted hid installer and have full functionality as a tablet which is great as windows 7 has some great features.


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  1. Steve on

    That’s great news. How long do you think it took all together?
    What is the inking like?

    • Andre on

      Which of the W7 versions did you install (Home,Professional or Ultimate) ?!?

      • vilivx70 on

        windows 7 Ultimate

    • vilivx70 on

      The inking is pretty good actually. I had some issues with the calibration, first calibrated with the windows one and it was pretty good but then got too smart for myself and calibrated with the HID egalax one and it went a bit off. I recalibrated with the windows one (strangely it only had a four point calibration the second time instead of the nine point that first appeared) and it’s fine now.

      The win 7 install from scratch took about 4 hours. I installed two Viliv bits and then iViliv updater took over and that took multiple restarts and relaunches of iviliv so that was probably another 4 hours. Then the HID touchscreen stuff only took 10 minutes. Not too bad considering the win 7 upgrade on my LG took a whole day practically.

  2. kj on

    how big of an issue is vectoring, while inking?
    I’m a big onenote user for meetings and am looking for a small device i can use pen input with.
    you think this would work for me?

    • vilivx70 on

      I haven’t encountered any vectoring at all. I use onenote and probably do about 50% inking and drawing and haven’t seen any vectoring at all.

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  4. Andrew on

    just wondering how much space of the 24G SSD did the Windows 7 Ultimate take out, or did you wipe out the hidden partition to make more room

    • vilivx70 on

      I installed over XP home and it shows about 16GB free of 24.8GB available. I left the recovery partition alone and installed in the other bit of the drive but now I’m happy with Win 7 i’m going to use acronis to get rid of the recovery partition and steal back that space.

      • Andrew on

        wow, that is great, I would have thought that Win 7 ultimate will take up more room than XP home. I also wanted to do similar thing using Acronis, can you enlighten me how you do that, do you install Acronis onto the SSD then copy the image to an external HD or DVD/CD. Really interested in how you do it. Thanks in advance

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  6. arrerpova on

    I really enjoyed reading this blogpost, keep on making such exciting articles.

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