uMID and Nintendo DS sized up

I was at my brother in law’s place last night and my nephew was playing with his Nintendo DS so I decided to whip out the UMID and borrowed his DS for this pictorial size comparison.

It is certainly amazing to see how small and light UMPCs and MIDs such as the uMID and the S5 are these days..they weigh a little more than a DS but is capable of running full blown OSs.

The fascinating thing is watching how incredibly quick my 2 nephews, 11 and 8 took to the device.  I cranked up an Openoffice write session for them and in no time, they were typing away and using the touchscreen to navigate around in the absence of a onboard mouse.

Never ceases to amaze me how quickly the young ones take to computing these days!

….and yeah, they were impressed with the UMID!



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